From Bland to Beautiful

White October
Jan 10 · 4 min read

An Office Overhaul

As a light, open space that once held thousands of Blackwell’s books, the office that White October has called home since 2010 has always had the potential to be the perfect creative space.

A fresh start

Back in 2014, the first major refurbishment of the space began with the installation of a kitchen, meeting room, shower and much needed storage, improving the day-to-day practicalities.

Four years on, it was time for a refresh and it was paramount that our office space aligned with our values of enjoyment, learning, togetherness and pride. Keen to reflect our branding and flexible agency life, we focussed on multipurpose spaces that were relaxed, dynamic and used sustainable materials.

White October’s HQ would become a creative and inspiring space where we can do our best work and that welcomes clients into our world with confidence.


Flexible and utilised spaces

If you had visited our office, you would have once been greeted with a drab, unused den of melancholy, but fear not!

We have transformed the old reception into a dynamic and much-needed meeting area distinguishable from the rest of the office. This was achieved by introducing modular furniture, movable walls and an all important injection of colour.

Another underused, awkward corner was converted into a comfortable, multipurpose area. It is now used as a relaxed working space, and brilliant for a lunchtime nap. The name ‘Custard Corner’ was quickly adopted because of the bold colour theme.

An empty bank of desks further opened up the opportunities for hot desking and has naturally become a space for communal lunches where we can all get together and chew the fat.

We curated a selection of prints from Print Club London celebrating colour, vibrancy and reflecting the personality of the agency.

A fresh coat of paint covered the blemishes of years gone by and hid our old, blue branding from the walls. The paint has low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) which means it is much better for the health of our colleagues as well as the environment.

The team have said that having these flexible spaces has encouraged them to work away from their desks and as a result, increased their feelings of creativity and wellbeing.

Smart acoustic choices

Having colleagues who are hard-of-hearing meant that combating the poor acoustics was really important. The sound quality wasn’t great due to the building being an old, echoey warehouse.

As well as looking fabulous, the moveable walls, made out of wool and foam, were chosen for their ability to absorb sound.

Previously, the meeting room with its hard surfaces made for a difficult, cold atmosphere. A plush carpet and an abundance of plants make conversations easier and more comfortable.

New hardware was fitted to improve the efficiency and accessibility of meetings, including two much bigger TV screens (it’s amazing how excited people get when you can put up two spreadsheets side by side!) and a conference call system.

The finishing touches

We are beyond happy with what we have achieved with this refurb and its effect on the White October team has been instant. Each corner of the office is now used to its full potential and significantly enhances the overall buzz of agency life.

It was not completed overnight, but the gradual transformation has been worth it. We now have a vibrant, warm and inviting space of which we can be proud.

Want to join us in our new space?

We’re currently offering the opportunity for desk rental. We’re offering desks to both individuals and small teams. To find out more or to arrange a visit, email us at or call Ellie on 01865 920707. We’d love to say hello!

White October

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A digital product consultancy. Strategic + delivery partner to product teams around the world. See @whiteoctevents for our conferences.

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