RM Assessor³ Awards Night Extravaganza

White October
Nov 28, 2018 · 3 min read

Wow what a night! Last week, White October and RM Results joined forces once again to attend the UXUK Awards and DRIVENXDESIGN’s London Design Awards, with the team splitting in half so we could be at both.

It’s no secret about how proud we are to have worked with RM Results and the vision for their next generation product of RM Assessor³ which made the recognition it received even sweeter.

We were super excited to learn that RM Assessor³ had won gold at the London Design Awards for Contribution to Global Edtech RM Assessor³, and that it was shortlisted at the UKUX Awards for Best Information Experience. The UXUK competition was fierce with organisations such as Trainline, Mitsubishi & Aviva; unfortunately we missed out to Trainline and didn’t win the latter, but that didn’t dampen the fun of the night!

An abundance of food, laughter and celebration made for an incredible evening, even if the morning after was slightly more of a struggle…

In the words of RM:

It was a thrilling experience to represent the 100+ architects, designers, developers, testers, consultants and managers who worked on such an amazing product, and to see it recognised as the ‘Best Expanded Service or Application’ gold award winner.

Adam Mawdesley, Head of Development

RM Assessor³ is turning the tide in onscreen marking with its user-focused design and device flexibility. This award proves the hard work our team has put into RM Assessor³ has been worth it, beating out countless others.

I am so proud of them and honoured to have been chosen to represent the team in such a way.

Stefanie Ghamloush, Marketing Executive

In the words of White October:

Winning an award acts as a brilliant reminder to everyone involved in RM Assessor³ of their incredible hard work and the smart thinking that went into creating the product.

This commitment to a human-centric approach and user-testing throughout the product development has resulted in an intuitive experience and become a benchmark for future products.

The award is a recognised stamp of approval for the international teams from India, Oxford and London.

Sarah Plant, Creative Director

Only a little smug…


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