A mass of chickens come home to roost

Roland Smith
Jun 27, 2016 · 3 min read

Well it’s all kicking off as the Brexit vote prompts a mass of chickens to come home to roost, some after many years ‘simmering’ in the background.

Let’s see what we have got so far…

  1. The 43 years of awkwardness and semi-detachedness inside the EU have been dealt a mortal blow.
  2. The truth-stretching David Cameron is going and so is the EU’s/his appalling renegotiation deal that proved an insult to the country and to his own party (hence far more MPs declaring for Leave than anyone realistically expected) .
  3. George Osborne’s alleged emergency budget right after a Brexit vote has gone. And so has the pasty-tax chancellor’s never-warranted reputation as a “strategic genius”.
  4. The massive fear campaign — cancer patients dying quicker, premature babies just dying, OAPs being left without money — has backfired spectacularly. It has also (regrettably) become partly self-fulfilling.
  5. The disconnect that has been growing for years between one part of the country, especially inner London, and the rest has finally blown up.
  6. The currently weak Labour party and its obviously unsuitable leader have been exposed. As has Corbyn’s weird and lacklustre personal campaign.
  7. The patronising, hand-wringing “yes we fully recognise it’s a challenge” attitude of the establishment towards people’s genuine and non-extreme concerns about immigration has hit a brick wall.
  8. The Liberal Democrats have shown in the starkest terms imaginable that their party is misnamed and that they have no respect for democracy at all.
  9. The state of politics generally — the many MPs who have never had a real job, the expenses scandal, the constant outsourcing of decisions to the EU — have all been given the most almighty thump.
  10. Some individual MPs jettisoning principle for career reasons are now surveying the wreckage of their credibility e.g Sajid Javid in particular.
  11. Vote Leave’s dreadful campaign based on immigration and untruths, and very stupidly ruling out any form of continued single market participation after previously saying there was no plan at all. That will now return to haunt the key players in Vote Leave. Politicians in that camp will now come under huge pressure to accept the de-risked ‘soft’ exit (via EEA/EFTA) that the civil service have been quietly working on. And rightly so — it’s a good start on our journey out.
  12. Nigel Farage’s years of nudge-wink politics — of “Muslim Romanians with HIV living next door and talking funny on trains”, summed up in THAT poster — will now be rapidly marginalised by more liberal Leavers and will be ultimately defeated given the will of all right-thinking people in Britain, and assuming Labour does now get its act together.
  13. An Opinion Poll industry that hasn’t kept up with the changing electorate is again in a gigantic mess, about a year after its previous mess.
  14. Highly-paid city analysts and the entire betting industry convinced that it would be a Remain vote now look like fools.
  15. …And soon enough the SNP and their lack of any manageable route for Scotland out of the United Kingdom will be found out.

I’m sure I’ve missed others in my haste. But still, it’s not a bad list for a single democratic event delivered by the sturdy and never-knowingly-underestimated British people.

Let’s have more of it.

Roland Smith

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Fellow of the Adam Smith Institute. Brexitologist. Globalist. euexit@gmail.com #Brexit