Interesting post, I get the bit about reading the question but you equally make a point that…
Dirk Singer

Thanks for the comments.

It is worth me saying first that I’m not a starry-eyed *fan* of the EEA option, in the sense that I don’t dream wistfully of Norway nor do I have posters of Iceland stuck around my house.

But whichever way one looks at Brexit, all roads lead back to the EEA:

  • the practicality compared to every other exit method or vague hope out there (some of which are downright dangerous when you dig deeply into them)
  • the unrealism of the British choosing to do anything else that might seem revolutionary
  • the unrealism of the civil service or a Remain-centric parliametary Conservative Party with a small majority (even one led by Gove) supporting anything else.
  • the unrealism of a post-Leave-vote and very Remain-centric House of Commons voting for anything else.
  • the unrealism of the EU agreeing to anything else within anything like a reasonable timescale
  • the unrealism of the USA, IMF, World bank, G8, old Tom Cobbley and all thinking anything else was a good idea.

I guess I’ve just been able to happily accept this situation more easily because I’m of an open and classical liberal persuasion. Others shut down at the mere sight of this logic but they never come back with anything other than ‘Britain is big enough to get its own deal’. They never recognise the true dynamics of the post-vote situation that would unfold.

So it’s more case of Gove or Boris or whoever becomes PM simply not being able to do what they expected. It’s not that they’ll *want* to row back, just that they’ll *have* to. What they want is impossible in the short/medium term. That’s why I believe Vote Leave has now become a unicorn-chasing operation. They are being very very badly advised in how to pitch this and in turn they are very badly advising the electorate.

If we do vote Leave, they will find a face-saver in the end because politicians always do — EEA will be sold as “an interim option while talks continue” or some such along with “secured safeguards on free movement” (which EEA provides). More here: