There’s a risk

There’s a risk associated with Brexit?

Well, there’s a risk associated with staying in the EU

There’s a risk the Middle East might get even worse and affect us even more

There’s a risk the Russians might invade (those warplanes occasionally penetrating UK airspace)

There’s a risk a nuclear-armed Pakistan might turn bad again

There’s a risk that nuclear-armed North Korea might cause a catastrophe

There’s a risk a politician might say something stupid and worry people

There’s a risk a politician might do something stupid and annoy people

There’s a risk associated with change (moving house, getting married, having kids, new job etc.)

There’s a risk you might not have much of a pension when you’re older

There’s a risk of drinking red wine

There’s a risk of not drinking red wine

There’s a risk you’ll get food poisoning

There’s a risk your income will stop and you’ll be poor

There’s a risk you might miss your flight if the motorway is clogged

There’s a risk you might have an accident either today or tomorrow

There’s a risk your kids might grow up to be unhappy

There’s a risk you might get a terminal disease and die

There’s a risk people might not like you

There’s a risk of breathing (all those bugs in the air)

There’s a risk of being alive

There’s a risk everywhere you look. Isn’t it about time you started gauging risk and recognised that most risks are actually low. There is never a guarantee of no risk, but in every other context there is absolutely no reason to panic or worry or even raise an eyebrow.

The question should always be: on the balance of probabilities, in this inter-connected world, how likely is the risk? And ‘low risk’ along with talk of something that ‘could’ happen is about as much of an answer you’ll ever get, especially from lawyers and Europhiles (even more so from Europhile lawyers).

So stop worrying, you might give yourself a heart attack…..

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