If you are new at Medium and have few or no followers…
Linda Caroll

When I published today my very first blog post, your article was the first that appeared in the recommendations. I read it immediately and I wasn’t disappointed :) Thank you for giving us hope!

I wanted to start blogging for a couple of years now, finally I decided to start last year… I created a draft here on Medium and I wrote the outline, then I left it there for an another year.

Reading many good articles will make you think that you’re not good enough to write something really useful, or you don’t have the writing skills. We need more people like you Linda, to gather strength to write and publish :)

I’m following this line with my first article, I want to encourage myself and others to start and to keep posting. If you have time, please check it out, and let me know what you think. (Here’s my post: My excuses for not sharing knowledge)

…for any others who are struggling: Write that first article today! Maybe the rest will be easier :)

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