I’m with You
Raj Chowdhury

I have to say If I see any type of this phobia or hatred I am with you I will speak up and do all I can to put a stop to it. I am fortunate to live in a city that has a million different story's and is welcoming to all. I came here from a backwards city where I grew up, full of racism and a full on police state since I have been in the “Emerald City” I have learned about all different types of people from all over this world America was founded on freedom of religion and also freedom of Tyranny, although at times it may seem we have gotten off track, their is far more good folks here than the bad, right now I feel we are not only recovering from a decade of lies and deceit not only what has been spoon fed to us through the Media but also our government and the so called war on terror As we change and hopefully the good will win out than I think you will see what makes america great which is every last one of us are beliefs and our strengths. thanks for your article it was well written and from the heart.

Christopher Brendan Hughes Jr

Seattle Washington 2016.

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