Major Political Events & Online Conversion Rates In The Travel Industry

I have a working theory that anytime there is a major political event not only do search impressions drop slightly but conversion rates drop dramatically.

Granted this is based on my own personal experience and not using any market research but I’ve managed a variety of search campaigns in travel from cars & hotels to tours and from various To & From markets.

The day of Brexit in June 2016 vs the day after, I saw conversion rates drop by as much as 60% out of the UK.

The week after Donald Trump won the U.S. Presidential Race, search volumes and conversion rates dropped dramatically out of Latin America for a U.S. based travel product. The results were especially drastic for Mexico > US where he proposed the building of a wall and where his comments sparked tensions with the two countries on the campaign trail.

Yesterday, UK elections saw another dramatic fall in UK impression & conversion data.

Depending on how much you spend on a daily basis, bid adjustment reaction time to these events can be the difference between a large profit or loss.

I think it means that, where necessary, a political calendar in office will be beneficial here.