25 Headlines for “Give That Old Dresser a Makeover”

25 Headlines is the exact number it took for me to get three Twitter-worthy headlines for my test. After reading this slide deck posted by Upworthy on the benefits of brainstorming 25 different headlines before picking just one and this response article posted by Medium user Caitlin, I had the tools to brainstorm my own headlines. The article I was headlining was my DIY article “DIY: Give That Old Dresser A Makeover!” Not all of the headlines I thought of were good and some were downright horrible but I came up with three that I eventually posted to twitter to see if they received more engagement than the original headline I used.

This was my original headline before I began the project suggested by Upworthy:

This tweet received 108 impressions, 8 engagements (2 likes, 2 detail expands, 2 profile clicks, 1 link click and 1 hashtag click) and and engagement rate of 7.4%

1. DIY: Give that old dresser a makeover

2. Makeover tips for that old piece of furniture

3. Redoing that piece of doodoo

4. Your trash can become your new treasure

5. Grandmas old dresser can become your new dresser

6. Estate sale gold

7. Extreme Makeover: Bedroom Furniture Edition

8. Pimp my Dresser

9. Love it or Fix it: Your guide to summer DIY

10. Wooden Treasures

11. Budget Bedroom Makeover

12. Facelift Friday: Restoration tips for your Furniture

13. Renovation Wednesday

14. Looking for a summer project?

15. Feng Shui For Your Furniture

16. Redress your Dresser with these five simple steps

17. Summer Projects: Simple Bedroom Furniture DIY

18. Dresser DIY

19. Dresser Designer

20. Bedroom Bonanza

21. Bedroom Rehab: DIY Dresser

22. 5 Steps to DIY your Dresser

23. How to transform your old dresser in five easy steps

24. Budget-friendly bedroom DIY

25. DIY Design: Dresser Edition

The three winners I posted onto twitter were:

This post had 150 impressions, 1 engagement (1 like) and an engagement rate of 0.7%.
This post had 115 impressions, 4engagements ( 1 like, 1 link click, and 2 detail expands) and an engagement rate of 3.5% This was the most successful post.
This specific post got 104 impressions, 0 engagements and had an engagement rate of 0%. This post was the least successful of the three.

The following screenshot is a summary of my Twitter Analytics:

Overall, my original tweet before this project received more engagement, however its not to say that brainstorming this list did not help me come up with some pretty creative headlines.