DIY: Give that old dresser a makeover!

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Want to give your bedroom a makeover without the expense of new furniture? Then this is the DIY for you! In this example, I will be refinishing an old dresser, but you can use any piece of furniture. Let’s get started!

What You Will Need:

  • An old wood dresser or furniture piece of your choice
  • A can of paint in the color of your choice, preferably with a primer in the paint
  • Various size paint brushes and rollers depending on the piece of furniture
  • A container to pour the paint into
  • Hand sander and sandpaper squares — If you have the intention to redo several pieces of furniture I recommend investing in an electric sander. A fairly inexpensive one can be purchased at any hardware store and will save quite a bit of time
  • Knobs of your choice
  • Screwdriver to remove and replace knobs
  • Old sheet or tarp
  1. Choosing your dresser: Choosing your dresser is the most important part of this project. You probably already have an old dresser you’re wanting to redo, but if you do not, there are plenty of places you can get a cheap piece of furniture that won’t look like you paid five dollars for it once it’s finished. Check out your local garage sales and estate sales, Salvation Army,, or ask around to see if anyone has an item they just do not want anymore. When you have the piece of furniture, remove any hardware (knobs, pulls, etc) and remove the drawers to make the following steps easier.
  2. Sanding your dresser: Once you have your winning item, put a single square of sandpaper into the fitting on the sander. You might have to cut the square into the right size if you purchased a large sheet of sandpaper. Sand the entire piece of furniture until the clear-coat finish(the shiny coat of paint) is removed. Make sure you are applying an even pressure throughout this process, as it can alter the shape of the furniture. This step is important, because removing the primer will allow the paint you will be applying to stick better.
  3. Painting your dresser: Once you have sanded your dresser, start painting! Make sure you lay down an old sheet or tarp so you do not get any paint on the surface you are painting on. It may take several coats to get the desired opaqueness, depending on the furnitures previous shade of wood and the shade of color you are painting over the top. Allow 24 hours drying time between each coat of paint, and use the roller as much as possible. Use the brushes for hard to reach areas, cracks and crevices.
  4. Installing the knobs on the dresser: Knobs give the dresser character and really alters the appearance of your piece of furniture. You can purchase knobs or pulls for your furniture online, ( has a good selection) or any local hardware store. Use your screwdriver to tighten the knobs into place once you find the right ones!
  5. Finishing touches: If you want to give your furniture more of a personal touch, you can add pieces of fabric to the insides of the drawers or paint designs on the sides of the panels. Your furniture is finished! Dust the finished product off with a wet rag and it is ready to be displayed!