Southern Oregon Chapter of Delta Waterfowl

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Last night the Southern Oregon Chapter of Delta Waterfowl hosted their eighth annual fundraising banquet at the Ramada Convention Center in Medford, Oregon. Delta Waterfowl opens regional chapters that carry out conservation projects in effort to help preserve the populations of waterfowl. I interviewed Steve DeBerry the president of the Southern Oregon Chapter on his efforts over the past eight years and goals for years to come.

What is the Southern Oregon Chapter of Delta Waterfowl?

“We are a conservation organization that primarily focuses on the future of waterfowl and waterfowl hunting. This includes and looks like predator management and nesting structures for local waterfowl. However, we are primarily a research organization.”

What projects have been completed locally with the money raised?

“We have installed walk ways, bridges across canals, and 30+ nesting structures out at the Kenneth Denman Wildlife Refuge. We have hosted programs such as youth hunts, replantation of grain fields for nesting birds, controlled burns and cleanup of wildlife areas.”

What data have you collected from your research with the organization?

“We started with ten nesting structures, and now have 30+. Every year we re-stuff the structures with nesting material such as field grass and hay. Then after nesting season has wrapped up we collect the data on whether or not the waterfowl have been using each individual structure. About 65% of the nesting structures are successfully being used. Out of that percentage nearly 80% have a successful hatching rate.”

What does the annual banquet hope to accomplish?

“ The purpose of the banquet is to raise money to continue to support our local conservation programs. We raise anywhere from $18,000–$23,000 by holding live auctions, silent auctions, general raffles and a variety of games. Many of the items are donated by supporters of the organization.”

What future projects does the Southern Oregon Chapter have on its agenda?

“We plan to continue and add to our nesting structures. The goal within the next five years is to double the number of structures. Continue to support youth hunts and help maintain wildlife areas. One specific project is the expansion of the wetlands at the Kenneth Denman Wildlife Refuge. This will create an opportunity for waterfowl to have a safe nesting area.”

More information on Delta Waterfowl can be found on their website: