What is Good Writing?

Many people have various ideas of what determines good writing. There are various ideas and definitions. However, I believe good writing includes a clear and logical presentation of ideas, credible sources, and awaringly knowing your audience.

In order to have success in writing, one needs to be able to present ideas clearly and logically. The audience should be able to read your introductory paragraph and know what you will be speaking about. If your writing is not clear, the audience will automatically stop reading it. A writing piece should always be organized in such a way that presents ideas clearly and logically. It should also be attractive and pleasing to the eye. These are key to maintaining an audiences’ attention.

Credibility is also very important when it comes to writing. A good writer must be credible as well as have credible sources. If the facts of your writing do not check out, then you will lose audience members and become untrustworthy. Audience members must be able to trust the writer.

A good writer is also always aware of their audience. It is important to know who you are writing for in order to relate to them. For example, if your targeting young adults, you are going to want to use specific phrases that they will understand. If you are writing towards the older generation, you will not use the same phrases and sayings that you would use for young adults.

Overall, everyone has different writing skills and styles. However, their are some common characterisitcs of good writing. Clarity, organization, credibility, and knowing one’s audience play a big role in making a specific piece successful.

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