Glennis Grace Sings One Moment In Time

Photo Credit: YouTube

God gave a lot of people the same kind of talent. When I first saw Whitney Houston, I knew that there were other women in the world that could look a lot like her, but I didn’t think that there was someone else that could really sound like her. There was just no one else like Whitney Houston at the time that she was alive. I couldn’t imagine anyone else when she left us memories behind, but there is someone else. Her name is Glennis Grace. She has a voice like Whitney Houston.

It’s wonderful that people can bring back the sound of someone else. However, we still know that no one else is Whitney Houston. We still miss Whitney. We miss her personality and the person that she was. God made only one Whitney. No one can be exactly like her. She’s the only one that yelled Bobby Brown’s name. I doubt that you will see Glennis Grace doing that, but we will hear and see her singing.