Glennis Grace Sings I Want To Run To You

Whitney Houston

Photo Credit: YouTube

Glennis Grace should be the one to play as Whitney Houston if Whitney’s mom, Cissy, ever decides to make a movie about Whitney’s life. Glennis could put some makeup on and make herself look like the young Whitney if she looks older now. Hollywood knows how to do it and knows what to do when it comes to movies. Glennis has Whitney’s voice and looks. Singing in the movie wouldn’t be a problem for her. If we could see Glennis as Whitney, it would be like seeing the real thing.

Glennis has been singing Whitney’s songs quite a bit. Listen to her sing Whitney’s hit song, I Want To Run To You. If you close your eyes, you’ll hear Whitney. If you blindfold a friend that has never heard Glennis, they wouldn’t know its not Whitney unless they really have a good ear to tell the difference.