Spending New Year’s Eve in Toko-RI

I am writing this a second time only I am first editing spell checking it first in WordPerfect because the Blogger didn’t respond last time and I lost the post in Never-never land. Trying to remember what I wrote the first time while sitting in the hallway in the barracks listening to soldiers coming home belligerent from too much alcohol and too little female involvement. (“female involvement” is a euphemism for p*ssy) It’s sad too because the last post was an example of some of my better writing and reproducing it might not be possible with the shortened battery life…

Deploying to Iraq ended my military soccer career prematurely and most likely ruined my chances with my boss’s girlfriend. Not long before the 1–503D received word that we were deploying to Iraq, I started playing on the post soccer team. We weren’t very good, but we were enthusiastic. Somehow, we were also the defending champions of the Army’s Korean tournament.

The team made a weekend trip to Yongsan Army Garrison in Seoul for a tournament. I took the opportunity to spend the weekend in Seoul with Sgt. Hamilton (nicknamed Ham or Shawn), Sgt. Warren, my roommate PFC Haskins, and his…

I am feeling extremely sleepy. That isn’t unusual for me, I have been sleeping a lot lately. Ever since Mom and the Big One stopped taking me on walks all the time, sleep has been the main thing I do. Mom is crying, and the Big One is holding her hand. I should get up and do something about it — Mom needs comforting — but I am just so tired, and my legs aren’t working. Something is wrong, and I am struggling to stay awake. I think I should lay down and take a long nap. …

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It is my mission to bring magic to your business. When you look at the fastest growing and most profitable businesses today it may seem they achieved this through magic. They did not. They did it using software. When Silicon Valley uses the word “Disruption” they are talking about the process of targeting a market inefficiency with software that gives them a competitive advantage. I can help your business become a disrupter!


I am a developer with disciplined problem-solving approaches, a solid grounding in software engineering techniques, and the mental and physical fortitude to see your work through. I am…


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