First, you just can’t tell me that 3 seconds of an auto-played video should count as a view.
Hank Green

Additionally, while the complexities of automated systems for content identification are certainly going to take time to put into place, there is absolutely no excuse for not implementing a strike system for repeat offenders. We have seen creators have video after video taken down from Facebook pages like Tyrese, yet guess what? His profile remains able to upload stolen video this week:

How many articles need to be written about his rampant theft and how many offenses will be allowed before he is stopped?

The same applies to sites like Meetville, ArtFido and more. YouTube has a 3 strike policy for this, get on the ball Facebook. You can’t even fix the most high profile obvious theft ring on your site, what makes us think you care at all about creators, Mr. Pakes? Tyrese has been at it for almost a year! Stop him NOW.

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