The many faces of Jo Swinson? What is A/B testing? Examples from the Liberal Democrat, Conservative and Labour 2019 election campaigns

Image 1 — From October 29th to 1st November 15 “Stop Brexit with Jo Swinson” adverts have been sent to a combined 128,000 people through a spend of £2,985

So what is A/B testing?

Image 2 — A simple example of A/B testing courtesy of Wikimedia — the only difference that leads to higher clicks is green colour and an arrow
Image 3–15 versions of Jo Swinson

Reaching the right people in the right places

N.B — data does not add to 100%, this is partly due to ‘unknown’ gender, alongside Facebook’s reports being inconsistent
Women are being reached more by the Liberal Democrats adverts, with this seen especially in older women.

Improving their communications

Image 4–10 Jo Swinson images did not survive the process
Image 5 — A heavily used image of Jo Swinson seen amongst the 15 adverts
Image 6 — 3 instances of Jo 12 being used in Liberal Democrat communication
Image 7 — Jo 15 as seen on leaflets via —

Gathering data

Image 8— the Liberal Democrat website you are sent to if you clicked

So what does this all mean?

Image 9 — 9 adverts testing different title colours
Image 10 — 17 examples attacking Jeremy Corbyn
Graph 3 — Negative Corbyn Adverts and associated audience
Image 11 — Corbyn stuffing remain ballots into a ballot box
Image 12 — The Conservative website linked from the adverts
Image 13 — Conservative Party policing advert images of numerous varieties
Image 14 — Labour Trump NHS attack adverts
Image 15— Five examples of Labours advert images asking users to sign a petition asking for a referendum
Image 16 — The website the adverts were linked to, 17,310 people signed the petition

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Helping people understand targeted digital political ads. Want to see who's targeting you? Download the extension at

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