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She wanted to flee
From everyone
Telling her who to be.

She tuned out the noise
To protect parts of her
From being destroyed.

She tried to grow,
But felt consumed
By her longing to go.

A restlessness stirred
Up the wildfire
Inside of her.

Until one day
She no longer fought
The urge to run away.

She searched far
For a feeling that
Resembled her North Star.

She searched wide
For a feeling that
Bridged her internal divide.

She searched low
Deep inside the
Darkness of the grotto.

She searched high
Atop the peaks
That touched the sky.


A poem

Photo by Monica Melton on Unsplash

I feel ill
and angry
about the passivity
expected of me.

Just sit still
and patiently
but quietly
make everybody

Swallow this pill
and please
and cooperatively

Just take a refill
and appease.
Relax baby.
it’s easy.

Don’t be a buzzkill
with “dainty”,
and “womanly”

Just simply fulfill
the duty
to supportively
a “lady”.

Suppress the will
to freely
and expressively
and boldly

Did you get your fill?
Because we
are finally
setting the “lady”

Fellow ladies, don’t you see?

We’re caged until we see individuals clearly — not…

A poem.

Photo and artwork by the author, Annie Bell.

I used to be crippled by my need to please.
I think I was always that way.
But, I am unsure how I developed that disease.

I used to see myself as unimportant.
I think I was always that way.
But, I am unsure why I held a belief so mordant.

I used to be afraid to speak up.
I think I was always that way,
But, I am unsure why my voice did not measure up.

I used to feel an inch tall.
I did not always feel that way.
Someone I trusted convinced me that I was small.

Photo by pan xiaozhen on Unsplash

I can learn to love the pain
I can make it part of me
Let it grow on me
Try it on for size

I can get used to the rain
I can let it keep me company
Let it soak into me
It’ll fill the emptiness inside

I can take the pain
After a while, pain and bliss feel the same
Give it time
And I’ll discern no difference

When I’ve given up on tears
To put me to sleep at night
I’ll listen to the sound of the rain
That drowns me from inside

I tell myself it…

Photo by Bekah Russom on Unsplash

I thought I was alone,
But then I heard you
On the other end of
This tin can telephone.

I followed the line,
And it lead me straight
To the other hand of mine!

I found a friend!
That friend is me!

Was I lost?
Or hiding?
Or exiled?
I think it was a combination of the three.

I have returned home!
Home to the heart, soul and mind!

Who decorated?
Do you mind if I add some color?
What do we do for fun around here?
Our creativity has spent enough time confined.

Hello my old heart…

Photo by Jeb Buchman on Unsplash

May your love grow like sunflowers
Vast and eager
Basking in the warm light of your joy

May your love grow like pine
Evergreen and unrefined
Flourishing amidst the bleak cold

May your love grow like daisies
Wild and bold
Exuding delight to passers by

May your love grow like cedar
Robust and sky-scraping
Standing strong after the storm

May your love grow like vines
Rampant and unconfined
Climbing playfully on life’s tall towers

May your love grow uninhibited
May your love truly grow

By Annie Bell

Love takes many forms. Read the poem again, but…

Photo by Ricardo Gomez Angel on Unsplash

I lit a match in my mind.
Now I watch, unabashed.
Flames hungrily consume my pain
As the bridge burns down.

The tall blaze tickles the sky.
Angry ribbons of rouge swirl,
And my view of you is cut into flashes.
The rift between us — profound.

Your lips are moving,
But I can’t hear your verbal lashes.
The fire is singing a song —
The melody richly resounds.

As the heat thaws my heart, I feel sane.
The smoke dances to entertain.
Each board eagerly crumbles asunder.
Golden sparks delight me as they fly.

I sit and listen as…

Annie Bell

Poetry • Fiction • Ponderings ✨I write because creativity sets me free & allows me to be me.✨ See more of my creative endeavors at

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