How can artists in the creative industry benefit from this new technology? What makes a live broadcast interesting to watch? What are the do’s and don’ts when it comes to broadcasting live?

Facebook Live opens up a new and exciting world of live streaming. Making it possible for artists to broadcast videos to a big audience of fans. Because of Facebook Live’s ‘early’ stage there are no good or bad concepts to broadcast to your audience. Whether you are a musician, designer, illustrator, audio engineer or anyone in the creative industry, you already have the ingredients to broadcast some interesting and entertaining stuff. To give you some inspiration: live sessions, studio recordings, pre-gig rehearsals, backstage chats, Q&A sessions and virtual meet ’n’ greets. But also think outside the box. Writing lyrics together with your fans, tutorials, etc.

Some tips to make your broadcast a success:

  • For image stabilization, consider buying a Tripod from 72-inch for £24 or €28 more or less. To mount your iPhone on the Tripod consider an iOgrapher with a 37mm wide lens or get a universal phone mount that fits the budget. To increase your audio quality you can consider a clip-on microphone or use Open Broadcast Software to plugin a microphone and start your live stream from OBS with a live streaming key from Facebook.
  • Prepare and Practice your broadcast. Set your Facebook Live privacy setting to ‘Only Me’ to see how your live practice run turns out. Not to worry, no one else will see you practicing with this setting!
  • Make sure you announce your live broadcast. Make an event, invite people, use images or even a small video where you announce your live broadcast and make sure that people know you are going live before you actually do. Create a momentum to your live broadcast.
  • Interact with people. Start a conversation. Allow your audience to provide feedback, discuss ideas or ask you questions during the broadcast.
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