Findom/Financial Domination: Your New Favorite Fetish

Commonly known as wallet-draining and not associated with the IRS, Financial Domination is quickly becoming a booming fetish among sex workers, and clients are flocking to their services.

Financial Domination or Findom is a fetish where a submissive ( usually known as Pay pigs, Paypiggies, Finslaves, or Human ATMs) desires to give a dominant ( usually known as a Findomme, Domme, Goddess, Brat, Princess, Queen, or Domina) money and/or high end gifts, which could also result in humiliation of the sub.

Other than verbal and banking abuse, the submissive usually receives little to nothing in return.

People that are turned on by Financial Domination get excited by giving a powerful woman money to use as she pleases… Most people who are into financial domination find the act of getting and sending the money to be highly erotic. The act of giving money has become sexualized in and of itself.

The main desire of the submissive is for the dominant to need or want for nothing and for the dominant to live comfortably while they do without and “ suffer” to keep the dominant happy. While many submissives claim they wish to be bankrupted, broken, or blackmailed everyone must keep in mind that it is a fantasy and is not real.

Common occurring fetishes/kinks:

While some submissives are truly Finslaves, Findom often has co-occurring fetishes/kinks that they enjoy having indulged by a dominant. These include but are not limited to:

  • Sissification
  • Small penis humiliation
  • BDSM
  • Cuckolding
  • Cock and Ball Torture
  • Maid Training
  • Bathroom Training
  • Chastity
  • Jack off instruction
  • Cum eating instruction
  • Edging
  • Foot fetishes
  • Body worship
  • Blackmail fantasies

How to set up a Findom arrangement

Findom play can be one off sessions but is usually a longer term arrangement between the submissive and dominant. Most dominates offer weekly and monthly allotments.

Most dominants require a small “Tribute” ( payments are known as tributes) usually between $10-$75 to begin talking about an arrangement with a submissive. This let’s the dominant know that a submissive is serious about an arrangement and understands what Findom is.

After a tribute is made then a dominant will begin discussing a submissive’s budget, fetishes/kinks, and what type and how long of an an arrangement will work for both parties.

After an agreement is reached tributes will be made to the dominant on a regular agreed upon basis.

Common Tributes

  • Money
  • Gift cards
  • High end/designer shoes
  • High end/designer clothing, handbags, makeup
  • Fully funded Rent/Mortgage with days/nights out
  • Vacations/Spa trips
  • Classes/Education
  • Computers/Electronics

Large amounts of money often changes hands. The website of a findom who goes by the name Princess Sierra proudly displays photographic evidence of some pretty serious hauls, including a sub’s $50,000 wire transfer to her account, $20,000 in hundred dollar bills laid out on her floor (a gift from a pay pig named Tim), and a pickup truck gifted by another one of her subs.

Maybe it’s something that can’t truly be understood from the outside — the relationship between a pay pig and findom may be too intimately personal and idiosyncratic to be broken down into its component parts no matter how closely one looks.

Regardless, Financial Domination is a fetish that is here to stay- pay piggies and other subs with healthy banking accounts just love having their wallet drained.

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