Why you should read “How to Win Friends and Influence People” by Dale Carnegie

This my review for How to Win Friends and Influence People (In the Digital Age) by Dale Carnegie. First, I would like to thank Matt Ouellet, who recommended this book to me the day after we first met. It didn’t take much for me to immediately get my hands on the hard cover and dive into this book.

Is this book right for you? Well if you live under a rock and never have any human interactions, then maybe you should save the 10$ it costs for this book and invest it elsewhere. However, if you interact with people daily at your job, or simply want to improve the relationships you have with your friends and family, this book will provide you with all the knowledge you need for positive results. The book is very easy to read and provides great examples and stories which makes it 10x easier to relate to and remember.

I highly recommend this book, it has helped me improve certain aspects of my relationships and interactions with others. Here are some of the key takeaways that are shared in the book. If you are serious about improving your relationships or being someone that everyone enjoys being with, I suggest you read this book.

4 Ways to make a lasting expression

  1. SMILE :)

Happy people attract happy people.

2. Take interest in others interests.

Instead of always talking about yourself, talk about them. Ask about their hobbies, their job or other interests they have. They will feel appreciated and have great respect for you and enjoy speaking with you.

3. Reign with Names

A person’s name is sacred to them. Remember people's names and use their names as often as possible.

4. Leave people a little better

Make someone's day with an unexpected act of kindness. Do good, make people happy and they will remember you/it forever.

How to deliver praises to those around you.

Studies show that employees who receive praise from their managers for an action will become better at the action he was praised for and become more productive in that specific task.

  1. Deliver praise from your heart, be genuine
  2. Deliver praise as soon as possible. Amplify the joy immediately.
  3. Make praises specific
  4. Praise publicly
Abilities blossom under encouragement. Magnify improvements and you maximize others talents.

How to maintain trust

  1. Avoid arguments

Is being right all the time really worth wounding your relationship with others?

2. Admit fault quickly

We all make mistakes, but the longer we wait to admit them the longer or unlikeliness that the ones we’ve hurt will forgive.

3. Approach every situation good or bad with a friendly manner (Good first impression). Every business leader needs to think/act like a small town shop back in the day now. The need for friendly connections is greater due to the lack of interaction in some cases due to social media & online purchasing.

4. Search common ground and affinity

In the digital age, it is much easier to find commonality by liking the content shared, being in the same group, etc.. We are already setting each other up before even meeting.

5. Be empathetic with other by understanding what they are going through.

‘’Put yourself in their shoes’’

6. Share the journey

Use all the tools available to make your ideas vivid, interesting, and dramatic. Share your story with others and they will share theirs with you. Together you will create your own story..

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