3 Killer Tips to Growing a Successful Business

Like all great businesses alike, they are developed over a period of time and built on the base of a well thought out marketing plan. Success isn’t free, and it certainly isn’t easy. When developing a marketing plan, you must understand that you are growing a brand, not just a company.

Tip#1: Commitment- “Till death do we part!” is what true commitment looks like. This line is recited by happy couples throughout the world every day! Through the good, the bad, and the ugly, you must be committed to success. There will be times in your business that you will want to shut the doors and quit. You will probably get depressed from time to time, but real results will only come when you get committed. You must make up in your mind and spirit that failure is not an option for you!

Understanding the Difference between Investing and the Means by Which We Do So

Tip#2: Investment- “Relentlessly pursuing more!” Recently, I asked on Social Media, “What do you consider to be your greatest investment?” Of course, everyone had an answer. Some said God, some said their kids, or even their careers. As much as I liked their answers, they were all wrong. God, kids, careers, etc… could indeed be an investment to some degree, but they are not your greatest investment. God, kids, and careers are the means by which we invest!

For Example: Say you want to grow in your relationship with God, what do you do? You obviously invest into the relationship, but how? Your greatest investment isn’t God, it’s your relationship with God that you invest in by reading the Bible, praying and going to church, etc…

Here’s another example: Say you want to be a millionaire. How do you become a millionaire? Well, I know one thing. You don’t get money by simply believing that it’s going to show up. Not one time has the gas tank on my truck filled up miraculously without me paying for fuel. You don’t invest in a millionaire to become a millionaire. You don’t invest in fuel to fill your gas tank. Do you understand where I’m going with this yet?

Let’s talk about your kids for a minute. Your kids are probably the most awesome benefit of your investments. Yes, you can invest in your kids, but hold on a second. Just hear me out. Your young children under the age of eighteen and sometimes even over the age of eighteen aren’t capable of surviving without your continued guidance. They need money, clothes, and rides to school or ball games. Yes, you are investing time into your children, but just hold up another second here. Without you being capable of providing for your children, someone else would be taking care of your kids.Your children are great to invest in, and you need to be investing in your children, but they are not your greatest investment. Have you figured it out yet? What’s your greatest investment? Is it your health? You’re getting there, but not quite yet, so here it is: The greatest investment you will ever make is in yourself! YES! YES! YES! You will always be your greatest investment! Everything in your life that you hold dear, is a direct result of an investment.

Your pay check is the result of you investing your time and energy into a job that produces and income for you and your family. You use that money to buy groceries to feed you and your family survive. You buy healthy foods to eat as an investment in your health. You invest money and time into a gym membership to invest in your overall health. You have to understand that all these investments are great, but not possible if you’re dead. These are all means by which you protect your greatest investment. YOU!

To sum it all up real quick, your eternal Salvation should be the #1 means by which you invest in yourself. Get to know God. I could quote Bible verses all day long telling you why you need Jesus. Without investing in yourself first, you will never be able to invest into others. Since we are talking business here, you must focus on not only your personal health, but the health of your company. Your company is the investment, but marketing is the means by which you invest.

Tip#3: Consistent- “No one knows you!” I’ve already stated many times that your biggest obstacle in business will be obscurity. The truth is, not enough people know who you are. People must know you exist, if you expect them to do business with you. They need to be seeing you everywhere. Consistency will cause people to become familiar with your company’s brand and message. As people become more familiar with you, they will begin to trust you, and trust will eventually lead to a sale. Obviously, this is considering that you are providing a quality product or service.

Do you feel it would be better to have two 60 second TV commercials air each week for two months, or thirty-two 30 second commercials over four months? Bigger isn’t always better in small time frames. If money isn’t an issue, then by all means, go all out, but be consistent over longer periods of time. You want to capture the largest amount of exposure as possible. If you’re on a tight budget, go smaller for longer.

When making cold calls, consistency is also important. Make calls every day. Don’t expect 30 or 40 calls once a week to pay the bills. Consistency over longer periods of time will produce greater results. When I get started on the phone each day, I may get 50 calls that no one answers, but I always leave a message. They may never call me back, but they at least were made familiar with my name. Next time I call to follow up, they may answer and recognize my name. They probably won’t remember where they heard my name at, but at least they will be familiar with my name.

I have been following these three tips in my own business, and I’ve seen great success! Of the 168 hours in the week, I spend 6 hours per day making phone calls. I average about 1,250 phone calls between Monday and Friday.

“Massive success requires you to take massive amounts of action.”

Originally published at theauthorzone.blogspot.com on April 17, 2016.