How Can I Turn My Paperback Book Into an Audio Book?

How Can I Turn My Paperback Book Into an Audio Book?

It’s obvious we are living in different times than we were twenty years ago. Technology has mad advancements beyond what many of our minds can comprehend. It seems to me that soon as I learn to use one piece of technology, something new is created to replace my current program. We are living in an ever-evolving world, and we must learn to adapt if we want to survive.

People are busier now more than ever before in history. The average person reads only one book per year. Who has time to read anyway? By time we get home from work, fight with the kids, and eat supper, it’s time for bed. We simply need more time. Don’t you agree?

As Authors, if we want people engaging with our content, we must provide it in a way they can use. Times are only going to get busier, and let’s face it, you need an audio book! What time I don’t have to sit and read a book, I do have 30 minutes on the way to and from work every day to listen to an audio book. That’s 60 minutes of my time that I’m trapped in my truck that I could be listening to your content.

If you want people actively reading your material, you must make it available on a platform they can use in the midst of their busy schedule. By creating an audio book, you just helped someone create more time in their day to drown themselves in your content.

Want to create your very own audio book?

Your book will be made available on, iTunes, and the big one is This is an owned company, so you can rest assured it’s a great platform.

Originally published at on April 17, 2016.