Master the Art of Getting Massive Amounts of Attention!

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Whether you’re an Author, Musician, or an Entrepreneur, you have to agree with me when I say, you must attract attention for your talent or business. Your survival depends upon your success! I’m going to give you a couple proven techniques that will actually help you to get attention for yourself, and it’s very cost effective.

#1: When you’re planning an event, whether in your home town or abroad, you should give the Event Coordinator at least 10- 15 full color promotional flyers to hang up around town.

#2: Don’t depend upon the Event Coordinator to think of everything, so you need to get online, and research the area for local Newspapers. You need to call and speak with the local Newspapers in the town where you will be signing books, performing, or speaking. When you get them on the phone, tell them who you are, and what you will be doing in their town. Then, proceed to tell them that you want to do a Press Release. You want to say Press Release because that is FREE! Anything that is newsworthy can be considered for a Press Release.

#3: YouTube can be an amazing tool to help boost your career, but before you can benefit from YouTube ads, you need to create a free channel and start uploading content. Once you have a great video, in your Creator Studio, you will find the video you wish to promote. Click the drop down menu beside the video, and click on Promote. You will need to create a account to use this service. The great thing about YouTube ads, is you can geographically pinpoint your advertisement to be shown in the town where you will be performing. Depending on your budget and length of time, you could promote your event for as long as you need before your arrival.

If you’re going to be successful in life, you must get attention! I’ve heard many say that content is king, but the truth is, ATTENTION IS KING!

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