Overwatch Anniversery Event

There are 134 Anniversary items, consisting of 11 skins, 24 emotes, 48 voice lines, 25 sprays, and 26 player icons. All items excluding player icons are purchasable at a cost of three times the normal price of items of the same rarity. Buying all purchasable items requires 56,475 credits. All skins cost 3,000 credits each or you can get it through the loot box system.

Bastion’s anniversary skin is called dunebuggy.

Soilder:76’s anniversary skin is called Cyborg: 76

Zarya’s anniversary skin is called Cyberian.

D.Va anniversary skin is called Cruiser.

Genji’s anniversary skin is called Sentai (power ranger skin).

Hanzo’s anniversary skin is called Cyberninja.

Tracer’s anniversary skin is called Graffiti.

Lúcio’s anniversary skin is called Jazzy.

Mei’s anniversary skin is called Beekeeper.

Symmetra’s anniversary skin is called Oasis.

Pharah’s anniversary skin is called Bedouin

All emotes cost (750)

  1. Robo Boogie (Bastion)
  2. Fisherman Dance (Hanzo)
  3. Running Rat (Junkrat)
  4. Smooth (Lúcio)
  5. Line Dance (McCree)
  6. Sunny Dance (Mei)
  7. Hustle (Mercy)
  8. Rocket Guitar (Pharah)
  9. Sweethardt (Reinhardt)
  10. Charleston (Tracer)
  11. Ballet (Widowmaker)

There are more but they are not named.

All voice lines cost 75 each. Here are all of them.

  • Follow Me (Ana) (“Follow me if you want to live.”)
  • The Adults Are Talking (Ana) (“Shh, the adults are talking.”)
  • Bew-Woo Bew-Woo (Bastion)
  • Doo Dun Dun Woo (Bastion) (Snippet of Overwatch’s default main menu theme)
  • Level Up! (D.Va)
  • No Way! (D.Va) (“Urgh! No way!”)
  • I’m Not Impressed (Genji)
  • You Seem Nice (Genji) (“You seem nice, I hate to kill you.”)
  • An Error In Judgement (Hanzo) (“You have made an error in judgement.”)
  • Just So (Hanzo)
  • Dipstick (Junkrat)
  • Oops… Dropped Something (Junkrat)
  • Everyone Gets Their +1 (Lúcio)
  • Have Some Lúcio-Oh’s! (Lúcio)
  • Buckle Up (McCree)
  • Next Round’s On Me (McCree)
  • I Was Only Trying To Help (Mei)
  • So Mean! Honestly… (Mei)
  • Questionable Judgement (Mercy)
  • You’re Welcome (Mercy)
  • Satsified[sic] With Protection (Orisa) (“Are you satisfied with your protection?”)
  • Your Compliance (Orisa) (“Thank you for your compliance.”)
  • Fly Casual (Pharah)
  • Try Me (Pharah)
  • I’ll See You In Hell (Reaper)
  • No One Left Behind (Reaper)
  • Beer! (Reinhardt)
  • Honor! Justice! Reinhardt! (Reinhardt) (“Honor! Justice! Reinhardt, Reinhardt, REINHARDT!! Hahaah!”)
  • I’m Going Hog Wild! (Roadhog)
  • I Don’t Like Talkers (Roadhog)
  • I’m Not Your Father (Soldier: 76)
  • You’re The Boss (Soldier: 76)
  • I Need A Drink (Sombra)
  • Were You Done Talking? (Sombra)
  • Setting Up The Car Wash (Symmetra)
  • Your Mind Works (Symmetra) (“What… interesting ways your mind works.”)
  • Hear Me, Baby? (Torbjörn) (“Hear me baby? Hold together.”)
  • Trust Me (Torbjörn)
  • Did I Miss Something? (Tracer)
  • Too Slow! (Tracer)
  • Sorry (Widowmaker) (“Désolée!”)
  • What A Bore (Widowmaker)
  • It’s My Time To Shine! (Winston)
  • Oh Yeah! (Winston)
  • Is That All? (Zarya)
  • Peace Through Firepower (Zarya) (“Peace through superior firepower.”)
  • Existence Is Mysterious (Zenyatta)
  • How Disappointing (Zenyatta)


  • This is the only event to not introduce any event-exclusive Victory Poses, Highlight Intros, or Epic Skins.
  • Due to 24 heroes being released at the time of this event, and Junkrat and Roadhog being given Joker cards, the 9 of Hearts and 9 of Clubs were not given to a hero in the form of a spray.
  • If Junkrat and Roadhog’s dance emotes are positioned and timed correctly, they will high-five each other during their dances and an audio cue will be heard when they do.


  • Ana’s dance emote is a reference to an Egyptian Saidi Dance.
  • Ana’s “Follow me” voice line is a reference to Terminator 2.
  • Bastion’s dance emote is a reference The Train Dance.
  • D.Va’s dance emote is a reference to the Voltron’s dance from Robot Chicken.
  • Genji’s dance emote is a reference to Kinjaz. It contains a few moves from two of their preformances.
  • Junkrat’s dance emote is a dance Will Smith did on The Fresh Prince of Bel Air .
  • Lúcio’s dance emote is a Rollerblade Dance.
  • McCree’s dance emote is The Electric Slide Line dance.
  • Mercy’s dance emote is The Hustle.(70’s dance)
  • Orisa’s “Satisfied with protection” voice line is likely a reference to Big Hero 6.(animated movie)
  • Reinhardt’s dance is a reference to Gene Kelly’s “Let Me Call You Sweetheart”
  • Roadhog’s dance emote is The Cabbage Patch.
  • Soldier: 76’s dance emote is most likely a reference to Nuts!. (thought it was the Engi from tf2’s dance)
  • Tracer’s dance emote is The Charleston.
  • Widowmaker’s dance emote is Real Ballet!
  • Winston’s dance emote is a reference to The Twist from Pulp Fiction.

Thats it for this folks. The event is going to be over soon so get what you want before it’s gone. See you next time.