There’s a reason there’s a big L in League: The extensive look at the overrated MOBA

Accurate Representation

We all know it, online role playing games are the I mean who wouldn’t want to play as some animated cartoon character going around doing things that seem out of the ordinary? I for one know I too was once a fan of these types of Online Multiplayer type games, believe me, I had a neopets membership for my 6th birthday and I played competitively. You might be asking me, “If they’re so good, are you just gonna be praising them for this entire presentation?”. Nah fam, I’m here to disclose the evils of these types of games, specifically: League of Legends. What’s wrong with it you ask? Well this is where you have a problem, when a game gets too overrated and swelled up with a pretentious fandom that cannot allow anything close to fun anymore. First, let’s take a look at the company itself, Riot.

It’s a miracle somebody hasn’t started a Riot over this company

Now, they’re most commonly known for creating big titles such as: League of Legends, what else you ask? Absolutely zilch. Riot encourages group bullying and elitism, and also discourages fun unless you are with three to four friends. Riot as a company is a joke. The complete lack of effort they put into the game, shows genius ingenuity of how minimalist effort with getting out bugs and errors and insane load time will STILL get you players for your game. Either you’re a genius with this tactic, or they really have too much spare time, either way, Riot as a company sits on their piles of cash and could not care less about the player or the errors in their only game that they have made.

What about the people who actually play the game? Well let me ask you guys, what is the point of having “friendly” honor points if you can’t deduct them from people who are complete dicks? If you’re playing league in a competitive style, then you better pray to God that you’re good, because one slip up means some heavy breathing, full throttle player will not hesitate to type heavily on their keyboard and curse you out and roast your life for a solid 10–15 minutes. However, if you dare to say anything controversial in return, they’ll just report you and you’ll be unable to play, so all in all, it’s constant war in and out of the game, it’s how you strategize your player reports that REALLY defines how good you are.

Speaking of the game, what is with these small ass sprites? I mean you must have to be an inch away from your computer or have a magnifying glass in frot of your face as you play, because there’s honestly so much happening at one time to the point where it’s such a clusterfuck of characters and colors and goddamn explosions. I can barely even tell who’s winning or not, this is actually what the game is like, just as small as small can possibly get. You wanna know what watching a bunch of small microscopic characters fight on such a large field really looks like?

Now this is not a manhunt or anything, like I said, I love my share of online MMORPGPVPDOTAMOBA games, I mean my Club Penguin membership made me feel powerful too. But be warned, too much power going to your head and too much free time with nothing else to spend it on, can lead yourself straight to a League of Lacking. Lacking any connection with the outside world that is. Goodnight y’all.