This Is Our World…

If We Won’t Fight For It Who Will?

As sure as night follows day, now very now, you will be gone from this earth. What have you done with this precious gift? Who’s life have you changed for the better? How many people have you shown the path of greatness with your example?

Brothers and Sisters, now is the time to rage for our futures. Now is the time to rise to the occasion of our lives. This is our planet. This is our species. This is our time. If we have the ability and luxury to access and post on Medium, we surely have the ability to change the world for the better.

Now is the time for us to shatter the shackles of our past beliefs. Should we allow ourselves to remain slave to our societies past dogmas? We would miss the greatest opportunities this world offers our way.

When cold and old on your death bed, do you suppose for a second you will morn your lack of insta likes or shared tweets? You grow older with every passing word you read… Live the life you would wish your future descendants would lead. An existence worthy of the sacrifices your long bloodline of genetic predecessors granted you.

This is the one life we are gifted, we have a responsibility to make it count. Now smash the powerbutton of your device to the OFF position, and go forth to change the world with your measured actions.

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