We don’t connect people, we create link

Jun 4, 2019 · 2 min read

A few weeks ago, we announced the news of our first round of funding. Now, it’s time to share exactly how we intend to develop Whyse and our vision.

Thanks to you, our partners and our incredible team, we are now able to build a quality product that will make knowledge sharing between companies simple and effective.

Whyse was born from a need for a solution that allows professional communities to easily share knowledge and best practices.

We don’t connect, we create links

The lack of collaboration between companies is a real paradox. Despite a desire from professionals to exchange and easy ways for them to connect, there seems to be a missing link when it comes to actually sharing knowledge.

At Whyse, we believe this stems from an absence of real links between professionals.

In today’s world, racking up +500 LinkedIn connections or being a member of multiple Slack or WhatsApp groups is easy. Identifying and engaging in a conversation with the right person is not.

To create these links, we decided to use knowledge as a catalyst.

We believe that sharing know-how is a key factor in creating links in a community and so this forms the base of what we are building here at Whyse.

Learn from each other, build together

Most issues can be resolved simply by drawing on shared knowledge within professional communities. Finding the right platform to communicate your issues without feeling exposed is one thing, but to pinpointing the people who may be able to help is another.

Whyse takes care of that for you. We identify the right people to exchange with and make a personal introduction to begin the exchange.

Our product aims to create a virtuous circle that benefits the group over the individual. Exchanges are open and visible to all users, leading to a richer experience for all and the construction of a truly collaborative resource.

You will never walk alone

The coming months will be intense at Whyse. With the funding we are now able to recruit amazing people. With them, we will build the product and experience we believe the professional world needs.

We know your need for exchange and we are going to make it accessible to all!


The Whyse Team


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We link people through knowledge

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