Where’s My Health Care, My Wall and My Tax Cuts?

Day 179 into the Donald Trump administration and still not a major peice of legislation passed that hasn’t been crammed through via executive orders, why?

As Republicans drop the ball on their mediocre health care plans again, it is not hard to start asking the question, what happened to the tax cuts, the health care, and the boarder wall? I understand that 6 months is a short period of time for the United States government to do anything effectively and proficiently, so I typically wouldn’t expect much, but we were told that this is going at to be easy, but rallying Congress to pass legislation has been as effective as stapling Jell-O to a wall.

For the last 6 years Republicans ran and won elections on a promise; “Repealing ObamaCare”, we gave you the votes, we gave you the time, and we gave you the money, giving you the complete opportunity to make good on the promises that handed you our votes. With the August recess approaching it looks like the only legislation passed will be sanctions on Russia that The White House does not even want. When do we start winning? Better yet, how?

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