Your TV Shows Are Not “Le Resistance”

I know that, Star Wars, Harry Potter, and The Handmaid’s Tale are all great entertainment, but that’s exactly what they are, entertainment, nothing more, nothing less. Stop making pseudo parallels between the fiction that is on your television and the reality that is in your non-fiction life.

Instead of comparing Mike Pence’s marriage principles and Christian beliefs to The Handmaid’s Tale, (show about literal sex slavery) why not campaign in Michigan, Pennsylvania, or Wisconsin? Instead of making Donald Trump Voldemort and “The ResistanceGryffindor, why not get a job?

The comparisons being made by the left are invalid to say the least, some are just outrageously far fetched, but most of all, just a complete waste of time for serious politics and real life difference to be made, I know that living in fantasy land with Luke Skywalker and Harry Potter is awesome, but I can assure you that it will not win a single voter.

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