#17 Paris Women in Machine Learning & Data Science: Image Editing, Classical Music, & Leadership

WiMLDS Paris
Jul 3 · 3 min read
Caroline Chavier, Camille Couprie, Marina Vinyes, Chloé-Agathe Azencott, Pamela Meuleye, Gaëlle Gomis, Victoire Louis & Natalie Cernecka

What a night! The WiMLDS Paris welcomed more than 130 attendees during its 17th edition at Facebook, in central Paris.

Before we started, we shared highlights from the previous months:

🏆 The WiMLDS Paris won the “Science & Research” award at the Women in Tech Challenge.

🔨 The WiMLDS global team is organizing Scikit Learn sprints in 3 locations: Nairobi (22nd of June), New-York (25th of August) & San Francisco (2nd of November). Spread the word!

🎤 On the 17th of June 2019, Juliette Bassnagel, a WiMLDS Paris member, introduced her job as a Data Analyst to the Ironhack Paris students, while our very own Natalie Cernecka presented WiMLDS.

🎀 On the 21st of May 2019, Caroline Chavier & Chloé-Agathe Azencott introduced the basics of machine learning & presented WiMLDS to students at the Women in Science conference in honour of Nicole El Karoui.

🛎On the 13th of June 2013, our very own Natalie Cernecka and Marina Vinyes pitched WiMLDS Paris at the Scaleday conference.

Full-house at Facebook in Paris!

We believe it is crucial to have visible diverse role models in machine learning and data science, that’s why we always happy to showcase the first time speakers. Many times, we had the privilege to listen to the exclusive presentations created specifically for our events, and this meetup was no exception!

🎬 We got lucky > the meetup was filmed! 🥁

The night started with a presentation by Camille Couprie, Facebook AI Researcher in the Paris office, who talked about “Image generative modeling for design inspiration and image editing”.

Generative models, and in particular adversarial ones, are becoming prevalent in computer vision as they enhance artistic creation, inspire designers, prove useful in semi-supervised learning or robotics applications. Camille explained how to develop the abilities of Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) to deviate from training examples to generate original images of fashion designs. Since GANs’ limitation is production of low resolution raw images, Camille presented solutions to produce vectorized results, and showed how the developed method may be useful for image editing. Check out the code ⬆️ and slides here ⬇️

Camille Couprie, Facebook AI Researcher in Paris

Victoire Louis, Data Scientist @Edelia (EDF Group)

🎼 After Camille, Victoire Louis, Data Scientist at Edelia, took the stage to make the audience observe an orchestra conductor’s movements!

Victoire’s presentation was about “How to marry tech & classical music: prediction of a conductor’s hand gestures with recurrent neural networks”.

🎯 She explained how she ended up doing a research on recurrent neural networks, and introduced her project, the role of a music conductor, and her dataset. She presented how she discovered coding in R and Python and why coding was just a way to achieve her goal. Finally, she talked about how she had answered her research questions and about different models she had tried.

Victoire Louis, Data Scientist at Edelia (EDF Group)

For the famous 3rd talk, a signature feature of our meetup, we partnered with another women’s group: Leader en Elle.

Pamela Meuleye and Gaëlle Gomis presented their work to empower women of color and shared tips on how to “Remain true to yourself in a world that is not like us”.

Pamela Meuleye &Gaëlle Gomis from Leader en Elle

We hope to see you at our next meetup, on the 25th of July at Heetch!

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WiMLDS Paris is a community of women interested in Machine Learning & Data Science

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