#8 Paris Women in Machine Learning & Data Science + Paris ML Hors-Série: H2O.ai, Auto ML & Moneyball

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Joe Chow capturing an awesome 360 selfie during our meetup!

For the very first time, we organized a joint meetup with the Paris Machine Learning group. Ingima kindly welcomed the participants in central Paris.

While Erin LeDell, Chief Machine Learning Scientist at H2O.ai, was in Paris to attend an OpenML workshop at INRIA, she kindly accepted to talk during an exceptional “hors-série” meetup. She spoke about “Scalable Automatic Machine Learning with H2O”.

Erin LeDell’s presentation provided a history and overview of the field of Automatic Machine Learning (AutoML), followed by a detailed look inside H2O’s AutoML algorithm.

Igor Carron, Jacqueline Forien, Joe Chow, Caroline Chavier, Erin LeDell, Chiara Biscaro

H2O AutoML provides an easy-to-use interface which automates data pre-processing, training and tuning a large selection of candidate models (including multiple stacked ensemble models for superior model performance). The result of the AutoML run is a “leaderboard” of H2O models which can be easily exported for use in production. AutoML is available in all H2O interfaces (R, Python, Scala, web GUI) and due to the distributed nature of the H2O platform, can scale to very large datasets.

The presentation ended with a demo of H2O AutoML in R and Python, including a handful of code examples to get you started using automatic machine learning on your own projects. If you want more details, here are the slides 👇

Right after, Joe Chow, Data Science Evangelist & Community Manager at H2O.ai, talked about “The Making of a Real-World Moneyball Application — Finding Undervalued Players with H2O AutoML, LIME and Shiny”.

⚾️ Joe Chow recently teamed up with IBM and Aginity to create a proof of concept “Moneyball” app for the IBM Think conference in Vegas. The original goal was just to prove that different tools (e.g. H2O, Aginity AMP, IBM Data Science Experience, R and Shiny) could work together seamlessly for common business use-cases. Little did Joe know, the app would be used by Ari Kaplan (the real “Moneyball” guy) to validate the future performance of some baseball players. Ari recommended one player to a Major League Baseball team. The player was signed the next day with a multimillion-dollar contract.

🎁 Erin and Joe generously came with a surprise: 50 free tickets for the H2O AI World Conference which will take place in London on the 29th & 30th of October 2018. Feel free to use the promo code: PARISWiMLDS50 📌

🎬 If you want to watch the whole meetup 🎯

We are very thankful to the Paris Machine Learning team for organizing this unique session with us and looking forward to the next one.

Our next meetup will take place at BlaBlaCar on the 26th of September 2018.

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