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Fine wine trading has been slower to move online than many other markets, held back because of an understandable reliance on detailed processes that prove provenance. It may be that the Covid-19 outbreak is going to change the situation, but potential market participants might want to investigate blockchain-enhanced alternatives that offer faster trading and tamper-resistant provenance.

The cancellation of Germany’s ProWein 2020, one of the highest profile events in the wine sector’s calendar, suggests that this could be a challenging year, particularly for smaller producers who rely on events to meet with buyers around the world.

The fast-changing international conditions are having several unexpected consequences, however. Among them, Vino Joy News recently reported that the spread of Covid-19 through China and into Hong Kong has led to a surge in interest in online wine trading, presumably as people under quarantine that are lucky enough to only suffer mild symptoms take the time to try something new and invest in a box set of investment level wine. …


Tommy Nordam Jensen @ WiV

CEO & Co-Founder of WiV — Fine Wine Blockchain

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