WiV is awarded the EU Horizon 2020 ‘Seal of Excellence’

“The ‘Seal of Excellence’ is a quality label awarded to project proposals submitted for funding under Horizon 2020 the EU’s Framework Programme for Research and Innovation. It is given to those projects which succeeded in passing all the stringent selection and award criteria of the Horizon 2020 evaluation.”

WiV is a blockchain-based wine investment platform that represents a step-change in how investment-grade fine wines are traded and stored. The WiV platform allows users to securely collect and store information about each wine’s provenance and transaction history, whilst holding and insuring the wine in a professionally managed storage facility. Each wine is allocated a corresponding digital token that can be securely traded without the need for bureaucratic paperwork and for a fraction of the current transaction cost.

Tommy Nordam Jensen, CEO and co-founder of WiV, is particularly proud that WiV has received the ‘Seal of Excellence’. This is a great proof that what we have been doing so far is high quality work and we look forward to our next steps and commercial launch later this year, says Tommy.

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Tommy Nordam Jensen, CEO // tommy@wiv.io