You would have made a great politician in East-Germany’s ruling SED Party, prior to The People…
Stephan Jaeckel

Well, I am afraid I don’t agree. I believe that as a citizen of the UK I do have the right to voice my criticism of the UK government and the shambles that was/is the referendum and its fallout, just like ‘the homeless, the illiterate and the Sun newspaper reader’ you mentioned above. I am merely executing my rights and responsibilities as citizen of the UK. Whether or not I have British citizenship doesn’t come into this because (for now at least) the UK remains a part of the EU and there is a legal framework for my being here.

I also don’t agree with your paraphrasing of the referendum question as we know very well (not least since Davis’ report on the matter) that Britain has always been a sovereign nation guided by its own cultural traditions, that EU politicians are appointed and elected and EU policies and guidelines require further scrutiny and implementation with regulation where possible and necessary. The real question is why hasn’t the UK government done this before?

I would strongly argue that Cameron’s motivation for the referendum was little more than a desperate bid for the preservation of his party’s political power, and that alone distorted the entire process, the referendum campaign and the final result. He could have opened the referendum up to all citizens of the UK, including those living abroad, including those who will live with the consequences of the result the longest. He could have initiated a genuine consultation to hear the people in their concerns rather than conflate the complexity of the matter to a handful of headline. Yet he chose not to. It made a mockery of democracy, consequently the referendum result had very little to do with the ‘will of the people’.

I grew up in Nürnberg, Franken, North Bavaria, a town steeped in history, both old and more recent. There is much to be learned from Germany’s history, and I am absolutely certain that communism is not the answer. I can’t quite work out what led you to make this connection, and I also wonder what your thoughts are about Brexit and the impact on the citizens of the UK. Do you think you will feel the impact in your life directly or indirectly? What are your hopes and fears for this change? Where do you see your life and work in the next 2, 5 and 10 years?

I definitely think Britain’s day of conquering and colonising the world are over though.

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