Dan, I don’t think we disagree… Creativity and Innovation are different, and as you say,…
Tina Seelig

Oh I don’t know that we disagree either and I love exploring the relationship between innovation and creativity.

As you say, people use creative problem solving every day — what if they had the opportunity to activate their metacognitive prowess? How might that grow capacity for innovation? What if more folks become fully aware that what one sees as emptying the sink trap in to the trash bin without dumping bits of discarded cole slaw and chicken gristle across the floor another might see as finding a creative, if inelegant — hence, not innovative — solution? While not a creative expression, it still touches that place of making something from nothing.

Thought now I’m wondering if innovation can be inelegant? Need something be designed by Jonathan Ive to be innovate? Can it be messy and innovative? Oh dear, you’ve opened up my verbal processor.

I truly thank you because these are the sorts of questions I with which I want my students wrangling: to ask if a rough draft is good enough, if a low-res prototype will suffice, if a highly functional yet aesthetically wretched product has as lesser value than its highly functional and gorgeous completely counterpart.