Bethesda E3 2016 Showcase Thoughts and Review


Riding off a great year Bethesda is back yet again to continue doing what they do best, and it’s making fans happy! We got a great look at what to expect to come our way from Bethesda as well as an exciting look at the direction of gaming in terms of VR.

But first let me get out the way on how happy I was to see Adam Sessler and Morgan Webb host this year’s showcase again! If you don’t know who either are, both used to be hosts of a little old show called X-Play on the now canceled G4 channel. Both have great chemistry and are enjoyable to watch as they get you ready to experience the flood of new gaming news.

(Source: They’re awesome host and always a welcome to see.

Okay now lets get back to the showcase. Bethesda’s been busy over the course of the last year with Wolfenstein: The Old Blood, launching Elder Scrolls Online on Xbox One and PlayStation 4, and releasing one of the most hyped games of last year Fallout 4. As well as the success of the rebooted game Doom, it should come to no surprise that there weren’t too many games revealed for this year aside from a few.

The first game that was shown off for the first time was Quake Champions. This return of the classic arena shooter was shown to us in the form of a CG cinematic which showed off four of many new Champions we’ll get to play as, then Tim Willits (Studio Director, ID Software) spoke a bit about the game and its fast gameplay and diverse characters. Whom he spoke a bit more about at the after show stating each Champion will have a different set of attributes and abilities that will cater to the different play styles of players, which has caused some mix reactions among the fan base of the Quake series. Although competitive fans will be happy to know that Bethesda will support Leagues and Tournaments for the game. You can expect more information to be given at QuakeCon on August 4th.


The next game in the showcase was introduced by Pete Hines (Global VP and Marketing at Bethesda) and it was Elder Scrolls Legends card game. A graphic-comic styled trailer was shown then we got a quick look at some gameplay which that be apart of both the singleplayer and multiplayer portions of the game, of which the multiplayer portion will consist of an Arena mode. If you want to get your hands on this digital card game it will be available for PC, iPad, iPhone, Mac, and Android phones and tablets this year!

If that’s not enough Elder Scrolls for you then boy oh boy are you in for a treat! Skyrim Special Edition is coming this October 28th, this remaster of the 2011 hit game is back and looking better then ever! The remaster has improved the art and effects, dynamic depth of field, new shaders for water and snow, and will have Mod support on console. Not only that, but if you own the Skyrim Legendary edition or own the game and all its DLC on Steam, then you’ll get a free upgrade to the Special Edition on release! If you’re on Xbox One or Playstation 4 and can’t wait that long then head onto The Elder Scrolls Online were console players now have access to the Dark Brotherhood DLC.


If you live in Japan or know someone living in Japan who wants to play ESO worry not, you too can play starting the 23rd of this month when the game expands across the Pacific to our fellow gamers. Then everyone will be ready for the One Tamriel update coming this Fall, this update will open up the entire world to everyone regardless of level and alliance after you complete the tutorial.

The Elder Scrolls series isn’t the only one getting updates. Todd Howard (lord and Savior) will be bringing us three new DLC packs for Fallout 4. The first will be Contraptions (add-on 4), which will bring elevators, weapon and armor packs, trick kits, sorting machines, and conveyor belts. Of which you can use to make your own giant game of mouse trap and more the 21st of this month.


The second DLC will be Vault-Tec (add-on 5), where in July of this year you can be your own overseer and build your very own vault and experiment on vault dwellers! If you already have a head start on vault designing with Fallout Shelter then get ready for an upgrade! With the new update coming this July you will now be able to send your vault dwellers on quests to explore new locations, battle new enemies with the new combat system, and meet new characters. And don’t worry PC players, you too will be able to experience all of this when the update is released and comes to the glorious PC!

Lastly the final and last DLC for Fallout 4 will add a story quest taking you to the pre-war Nuka-Cola World amusement park. This last DLC will give you an experience of your own wasteland vacation this August.

Speaking of DLC get ready Doom fans because your getting some love too! Marty Stratton (Executive Producer at ID Software) gave us a good sneak peek at the new additions to be added to snap map such as new visual themes, props, objects, weapons, items, and new logic functions. As well as two new multiplayer modes called Exodus and Sector. Exodus will be a fast paced one flag CTF mode while Sector will be a hold the point mode. Then later this summer 3 more free-for-all modes will be added, one of which being classic death match, and all of which will be free for everyone to rip and tear!


Doom will also be getting its first DLC multiplayer pack next month called Unto The Evil, bringing with it 3 new maps called Offering, Cataclysm, and Ritual. As well as a new playable demon known as The harvester, a fast and nimble demon that uses lighting to kill its foes. There will also be a new gun, equipment item, armor sets, taunts, and more!

Aside from all DLC there were two more games revealed, one of which has a back story as interesting as its production history, and it’s known as Prey.


If the name sounds familiar it’s probably because you’ve heard of the Prey series which was supposed to get a squeal under the name Prey 2, which was based around an air marshal who ends up as a bounty hunter in a cyberpunk-esq alien world. There’s a really cool trailer for the game that was shown a few years back that I would highly recommend watching just for the action since the game itself was cancelled a few years after Bethesda got the rights to the game. It was also stated by Raphael Colantonio ( Global VP of and Marketing, Bethesda Softworks) that this new game is not a sequel or a remake of Prey or Prey 2, which really sadden me but this also looks interesting in its own way.

The CG trailer presented at the showcase introduced us to a man named Morgan, a sort of test subject on a space station, with some sort of health issue with his vision after undergoing some experiments. Then something goes either horribly wrong or horribly right as aliens get on-board the station and wreak havoc for our protagonist. You must survive as the alien threat that can hide and mimic things as you get around the station in a non mission based way and sometimes using Zero-G. You will be able to take the aliens powers and have to make decisions that will affect the game. Prey will be available next year on Xbox One, PS4, and PC; and you can find out more during QuakeCon.


From the works of one Arkane team to the next, the final game during the Showcase was Dishonored 2 and man did it look good! Built on the Void engine the game looks crisp and detailed from the streets of Karnaca to the Sew of the Dust District. We were shown several trailers and gameplay walkthroughs as Harvey Smith ( Co-Creative Director, Arkane Studios) re-introduced us to our protagonists Emily Kaldwin and Corvo Attano who you will remember from the last game. Emily Kaldwin, now 25 years of age, has her throne taken away from her and you the player have the option of going on the quest to take it back as either Emily or Corvo, whom are fully voiced. Like the last game you will have several options and ways of completing objectives using several new powers like Emily’s Far Reach and Shadow Walk, all of which will change how you play the game drastically. Take back what’s yours on November 11th of this year on Xbox, PS4, and PC. Aside from the standard edition there will also be the Collectors edition which comes with the game, a replica of Corvo’s mask, and Emily’s ring. Also for a limited time if you pre-order or pre-purchase any version of Dishonored 2 you will get a free copy of Dishonored the Definitive Edition which comes with all its add-ons.

The ending of the Showcase brought a round of applause for all the development teams at Bethesda and the awesome work they’re doing to bring us great content. Thus ending event, and the start of the After show with Adam and Morgan as they interview some of the developers who went on stage.

It was all good stuff and I feel Bethesda fans are going to be happy for a while, although I was surprised not to see anything new for BattleCry, maybe we’ll see it sometime around the holidays? Regardless I can’t wait to see what’s to come next year in terms of games and new gaming technology! Bethesda also had a few VR booths to try out Fallout 4 and doom but it would be hard for me to describe a VR experience in words especially if I haven’t tried it, so I’ll put down a link to TGN’s YouTube video and their experience with the game in VR.

But again like with Ubisoft I would like to thank the teams that went to the Showcase and those who put it all together at both the actual event and on the technical side! Lastly I will try and have up my Xbox E3 review tomorrow, if not then it will be up early Friday the 24th, if you have any questions feel free to leave a comment and I will get to it when I get the chance. Till next time, and have a good and safe week!

Big thanks to Morgan Webb (host), Adam Sessler (host), Tim Willits (studio Director, ID Software), Pete Hines (Global VP and Marketing, Bethesda), Todd Howard (Executive and Producer at Bethesda), Raphael Colantonio (Global VP of and Marketing, Bethesda Softworks), Marty Stratton (Executive producer at ID Software), Matt Firor (Game Director), Harvey Smith (Co-Creative Director, Arkane Studios), and the rest of Bethesda’s teams and production staff!

TGN video, enjoy!