The Problem Might Be You
Bacon Donut

This article confirmed what I’d already been thinking and very afraid of. I’ve been streaming on twitch for 4 years. I’ve had the pleasure of building a great community, though relatively small compared to some (around 120 viewers) and then it slowly began to die after being denied partnership time and time again. Now I feel lucky if I can rake in over 10, no matter what game I play or how long I stream. I consider myself as someone who puts in a lot of effort as far as marathons, giveaways (not to gain but to give back), charity streaming and dressing up in weird costumes, yet nothing works. I’ve come to the realization that I’m just boring. While it seems I lack that special weird ‘quirk’ that draws an audience, I still find myself frustrated and confused because I see a lot of partnered streamers lately that in my opinion aren’t anything out of the ordinary.. some of whom are just an average person like me, sucking at games and making bad jokes. At that point is it a luck thing? I still love streaming and will continue to stream as long as its possible, regardless of how dead my channel becomes. Its just hard to deal with the fact that you’re not good at something you’re so passionate about, while others make it seem effortless.

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