Brad Feld is Pretty Dope

Brad Feld is a fascinating guy. He is an established dealmaker and VC in the start-up scene, he’s working to make the world a better place, and he’s also got that Denver quirk. I discovered him in a recent SaaStr podcast and then went down a Feld rabbit hole.

Some random observations:

He works in prisons. His post will bring tears to your eyes. 😢

He’s recorded a cringeworthy music video.

He is co-founder Techstars.

He writes on his personal blog.

He makes strange fashion choices. (see above)

He also has some pretty different views on running a start-up which he discussed in his interview. I put some observations below but the episode is surely worth a listen.

  1. Brad thinks of start-ups as having three 3 overall areas. The Product, the Customer, and the Company. Start-ups need to clearly align management around those three pillars.
  2. You can never over-invest in the “Customer” area. Specifically CS is critical.
  3. When you’re a startup you define the cultural norms. You can make it transparent, or accountable or friendly.
  4. Amongst others, one of their norms which I really liked was that they believe they should share “brutal honesty delivered kindly.”
  5. Have board-like discipline even before you have a board
  6. Brad can’t dance. Did you see that music video?!