Should We Still Care About the Flint Michigan Water Crisis?

Each day millions of Americans turn on the faucet of their kitchen sink and water pours forth. For some, the water contains enough lead to cause a host of symptoms that can go unnoticed. Stories from Flint Michigan opened many people’s eyes to the dangers of lead in our drinking water. It certainly opened mine.

For every Flint, there are hundreds of other communities facing lead contaminated water. So how, in the age of Big Data and Machine Learning, do we still lack the data and analysis we need to prevent lead and other contaminants from polluting our water?

So like any liberal with a cause. I sprung into action.

But then I went down the rabbit role of controversy surrounding Flint.

What is happening? Suddenly this issue felt a lot like the current state of politics. Lots of yelling and very little intelligent debate.

Meanwhile the people living in Flint must be utterly baffled. They’ve been sold many different versions of outrage while they just want to know if they have safe water.

So where do I come in?

I am going to put the existing lead test data online in a way that’s easy to understand. I call it Water+Data. I will also test my own home and see what these tests tell me. I’ll share the test results.

You can follow me here on Medium as Paul Wicker or on Twitter if you want to see my progress as I connect Water+Data.

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