Why I Won’t Be Subscribing to Medium
Giulia Blasi

I have read several posts and comments by American users who received the Medium email to subscribe in view of a possible future collaboration as a paid writers. Apparently many of them were surprised because they are not really equipped with a very large audience, nor having ever published post particularly successful, so they couldn’t explain why Medium asked for an eventual collaboration to them. The impression of American consumers is that these emails were sent random, using the lure of collaboration to get subscriptions. One thing you did not say, but that is clear from the email received by American users (which I’ve read, because it was copy / pasted into a post by an American writer and then canceled the next day, and it was an email completely different from that which we have received in Italy), it is that Medium will pay users who write about topics decided by the platform. Let’s say that you could get paid if you write about politics or tech, but not if you write about fiction or poetry.

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