Stop the search

All that’s ever going on is we’re having a full 4D experience of the power of Thought. Every single moment of every day.

Image of search bar

You’ll be familiar with search engines and algorithms in tech work. When you search for a new sofa suddenly new sofa adverts pop up everywhere on every social media channel, on every search engine page. Showing you what you need.

The same is true of Thought. What arises in the form of Thought becomes the reality we see on the computer screen of life before us.

And in us, the tech is smart enough and so beautifully designed that it always shows us exactly what we need to see.

If, from fear, we’re searching about anxiety, things will pop up everywhere confirming that anxiety is a thing, that it means something, that there are 10 top tips & solutions, and clickbait headlines like “if you don’t do this one thing…”.

If, from fear, we’re chasing success in the form of money, business growth or status and power, things will pop up everywhere confirming our belief that there is danger if these aren’t achieved. Markets shrinking, competitors starting up, technology risking the continuation of the very thing your business offers.

I said the system’s showing us exactly what we need to see. You might be wondering how this can be such a great design if it’s fuelling our fears.

But you know how your body tells you to stop eating cake after the 10th slice because you’re feeling sick. Or it makes you feel tired when it’s ready to rest. The same is true of our psychological system. It’s telling us when we’re off track. It’s showing us the pop-up adverts as a way of waving a flag to get our attention. The more we keep searching from fear the more it shows that back to us until the flags are big enough & waving frantically enough that we pay attention.

But the flags aren’t waving as a message to try harder, go faster, do more, learn more, work more, earn more but to do the exact opposite.

They’re telling you to stop typing fear-based questions in the search engine. Stop paying attention to the clickbait. Stop searching.

Then the pop-ups gradually stop appearing. You can see the screen more clearly. The vast, open screen with the potential for anything to be created within it. Still created through the amazing power of Thought but now, instead of from fear and lack, it comes from the infinite creativity, resourcefulness, abundance and resilience that’s always been present and that is who we really are and always have been.

Slow down, take things off your mind and see what’s really going on.

Stop searching.