Where to get your Christmas Tree

Here is ‘Wild About Guildford’s’ list of places to buy your Christmas Tree. Its often a very special time for families, creating your special seasonal family memories. Whether you prefer buying a pre-cut tree, or rolling up your sleeves and cutting your own, we hope you enjoy this time of year. Get out there and have fun together!

Santa Fir

As well as Christmas trees, they offer a fun-filled family day out with an opportunity to visit Father Christmas and meet a family of reindeer. They have rides for the family, a field café, two Christmas shops with every decoration imaginable and a local produce market (on select weekends in December).


Oxenford Farm

A great place to choose your own tree from the variety of sizes of cut trees readily available in their farm yard. There is also a selection of farm animals, including reindeer on show for all to see. They also sell, Christmas tree stands, lights, firewood, potatoes, holly, mistletoe foliage and wreaths and have a selection of rustic decorations.


Hindhead Common — 9th & 10th December

Pick your perfect pine for the festive season at Hindhead Commons. Bring along a saw and tough gloves to cut your own Christmas tree. Be prepared for a reasonable walk to the trees and to carry your tree back to your vehicle. All tree are netted.


Crockford Bridge Farm

A variety of types of tree on offer. Bring your hand saw to cut your own tree. You can’t get fresher tree than that! Potted trees are also available, so that you can try and replant it in your garden when Christmas has ended.


Alice Holt

100% Santa approved trees! Sustainably grown, with a Christmas Tree sapling provided free with your purchase, so you can grow your own for future use!

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