Ellaism Spring Giveaway

May 5, 2018 · 3 min read

For four weeks in May, we’ll be running a series of weeklong contests. Each week’s activities will run from 12:00 am (midnight) GMT on Monday until 11:59 pm the following Sunday.

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What you will need to participate:

  • A functional Twitter account.
  • Follow @EllaismProject on Twitter.
  • An Ellaism wallet with at least 100 ELLA at the time of the contest.
  • Access to the Ellaism Discord, so you can log your tweets with our faucet.

We will be utilizing our ELLA Twitter faucet to log participants. Just using the faucet will NOT enter you in the contest, you must also perform whatever is outlined below for each requisite week. The faucet will just be used to log participants. Performing the outlined activity below without using the faucet will also not ensure your participation. We need a way to easily log participants, so be sure to use the faucet! Instructions for its use are included at the end of the of the document.

For random selection, a sequentially numbered list will be generated from the faucet log and checked for valid entries. We’ll be selecting winners by using the Ellaism blockchain to generate random winners from the numbered entrants. Results will be logged in the Ellaism Discord #marketing channel.

For swag prize winners, we will have prize codes delivered by private message from the @Ellaismproject Twitter account to the winning account. You can then redeem the code at our swag store. You must follow @EllaismProject to receive your direct message with your prize code.

$ELLA coin prizes will be verified by private message in Twitter and delivered to the address registered with the Ellaism faucet.

WEEK 1: May 7 — May 13

Retweet posts by @Ellaismproject. We will be making one post each day at 12:00 am (midnight) GMT time. You can participate up to once per day by retweeting each daily post and increase your odds of winning for the week (up to the faucet’s limit). However, each twitter account can only win one time.

Ten random winners will be chosen to receive a bumper sticker from our swag store.

WEEK 2: May 14 — May 20

Post an original tweet about why you like Ellaism. Nonsensical or blank tweets will be discarded. Include #Ellaism, $ELLA, #blockchain, and tag @Ellaismproject in your tweet.

Ten random winners will be chosen to receive a bumper sticker from our swag store.

WEEK 3: May 21 — May 27

Create a post about Ellaism on Facebook, Bitcointalk, Reddit, Medium, etc. and share it through Twitter. Be sure to register your tweet with our faucet to enter you post. Posts must meet a minimum quality standard. One sentence or nonsensical posts will not qualify and will be reviewed by the community.

Ten random winners will receive an Ellaism bumper sticker. Five posts voted on by the community will receive Ellaism T-shirts. One grand prize winner with the most votes will receive 100 ELLA coins.

WEEK 4: May 28— June 3

Spread the word about Ellaism. You have the creative freedom to create any type of content you prefer. This can be a video, blog, song, artwork, podcast, etc.

Post a link to your content in Twitter and register it using the Ellaism faucet.

Ten finalists will be chosen by the eleven accounts who maintain the Community Fund Wallet. Then the greater community will vote for their favorites using Discord polling.

All ten nominees will receive T-shirts. Four winners will receive 50 ELLA. One grand prize winner will receive 200 ELLA.

How to use Twitter Faucet:

You will need to include $ELLA hashtag to claim a small amount from the faucet. (This is a requirement for participating in the contest anyway.) First, get your Tweet ID, with a url like https://twitter.com/ellaismcore/status/958926185991254016 the Tweet ID is the digits in the end 958926185991254016. Then, in #bots channel, send a message !faucet claim <tweet id> <destination address>. For example, !faucet claim 958926462907658241 0x01ff0ffd25b64de2217744fd7d4dc4aa3cabcee7. The bot will then send you 1/1000 of the current balance in faucet, or 0.1 ELLA, whichever is lower.

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