Love Potion 69

“I’ve never needed a man like I do right now, and I don’t even know why.”

Raj’s eyes widened in horror as he watched his boss pick up the glass. Why hadn’t he put it in a beaker? She lifted it to her lips and took a large swig of the liquid. He was about to shout “No!” but it happened so fast he couldn’t get the words out in time. Instead he winced and put his face in his hand.

“That’s not my soda!” Jeanine sputtered. “What did I do with it?”

Raj pointed to a similar looking glass on the other table where their lab experiments were, a pained expression on his face.

“Ah! That’s better! What was that I drank, anyway? It tasted really sweet,” Jeanine said. “I hope it wasn’t dangerous,” she added.

“I don’t know what it was,” he replied, feigning innocence.

We’ll find out soon enough, Raj thought. Then he became aware of the way his boss stared at him. Oh no. No! It shouldn’t happen that fast! I need to tweak the amounts.

“Do you know how sexy you look in your lab coat, Raj?” Jeanine asked, running one long leg along the other under her lab coat.

“No, I can’t say that I do,” he answered nervously. I’ve got to get out of here!

He made his way for the door, but Jeanine stood in his path. She had an expression on her face that meant only one thing: lust. The way she made her way toward him caused him to feel like prey.

“I need something from you, Raj. Can you guess what it is?” she said, unbuttoning her lab coat as she walked.

“I…” he began, looking around frantically for an escape route. There was none. There was only one door to the small lab, and Jeanine could intercept him whichever way he went. Shit! Trapped like a mouse!

“Come here, Raj. Don’t try to get away. I have a need only you can take care of. You don’t mind, do you?”

Raj swore he saw her nostrils flare. He and Jeanine were on very friendly terms, but he wasn’t sure he wanted to get this friendly with his boss! She was considerably older, after all — in her mid-forties.

“N-no, but…”

He tried to run around a table to escape, but Jeanine simply reversed course and caught him. She pinned him against the table, hip to hip, thigh to thigh. Her head was so close to his he could smell her white-blond hair.

I guess the potion works! he thought to himself as she leaned into him harder. She grabbed his wrists and bent him backward over the table, following him down. The action’s supposed to be slower though.

“I’m so fucking horny I can’t stand it,” she whispered, her hot breath washing over his face. “I’ve never needed a man like I do right now, and I don’t even know why.” Her fingers fiddled with his zipper, and then she extracted his growing cock. “Yeah,” she hissed, taking hold of the rod with one hand and taking off her glasses with the other. “That’s it, and it feels nice and warm. Nice caramel color, too. Mmm.”

Jeanine squatted on the floor and then swallowed Raj’s cock. In one gulp she dispensed with any pretense of teasing and went right for the deep-throat. Then she started to blow him good, fellating in long, firm strokes. She let her mouth get real juicy — so juicy that her spit coated his cock and her lips with a sheen. Her hand found its way between her legs, and rubbed the crotch of her slacks.

“Oh my god,” Raj moaned, wondering why he hadn’t thought of this before. He’d planned on giving the potion to a particular young woman first as a test, but his boss was good enough. More than good enough. Fucking fantastic, in fact! He looked up in his arousal, and was temporarily blinded by the glare of the fluorescent lights.

Jeanine acted so lewd, so wanton she may as well been a divine whore. She let his wet shaft slip out of her mouth, and rubbed it all over her face. Back inside he went. Then out again for a little face-cock massage. A few more times like this, and some strands of her hair stuck to her wet face. Her red lips were shiny.

Jeanine stood up and threw her slacks and panties down her legs in the same motion. Stepping out of them, she almost tripped in her haste but caught herself. A low, short chuckle escaped her mouth. This was followed by an intake of breath that let him know how hot she was.

“Take off your pants and get on that table,” she ordered hotly.

Raj was only too happy to oblige, but she yelled at him for not lying down on his back. That corrected, Jeanine joined him on the table. She squatted above his pole and lowered herself down over it, feet on either side of his body.

“I’m gonna fuck you so hard you won’t even be able to see straight,” she moaned. Raj moaned too, feeling his rod impale her wet, fleshy sheath.

Jeanine was so hot and wet it brought Raj to the same level of arousal. His cock slipped inside her spongy wetness, feeling as hard as a stone.

Their hips met. Lust and instinct took over. Jeanine squeezed her muscles around the rod, feeling it lengthen and widen. She raised up slowly, the wide shaft pulling on her lips as it slid out. Only the head was inside. Jeanine could feel the ridge just below. Suddenly, she slammed down on him, causing grunts and gasps to fill the room. She stayed still, enjoying the feeling of their hips grinding together.

“Are you ready, baby?” she asked in a seductive tone.

She pulled up and slammed down again and again, riding his cock like a bronco. His girth no longer pulled on her labia, her pussy had become a maw that accepted him with a deep hunger. The table somehow stayed intact with the two of them on it, but it squeaked, trembled, and groaned with the action.

Raj caught a good look at his boss, his mentor with chemicals and pheromones. Jeanine was gone, lost in the act of cock plunging in and out of cunt. She seemed delirious.

“Fuck me! Fuck me!” Jeanine moaned in her sex-trance, forgetting who was fucking whom. Still she bucked up and down, thrusting herself down and pistoning back up like a machine. Her cunt felt so wet! He could feel wetness on his hips when her hips met his. Raj’s cock grew and widened further.

“Do it baby! Blast that cum into me! You know you want to! You know you need to! Fill it! Squirt it!”

Her cries were so loud and passionate Raj was glad they were working after hours. But he couldn’t take any more, no matter who could hear them. He’d passed the point of no return. His cock throbbed, hot with need.

Jeanine slammed her hips down once more, and leaned forward over him. She grabbed his throat with one hand, and his hair with the other. Her wet pussy felt like an open chasm, ready for Raj’s hot gift.

He closed his eyes, groaned loudly, and shot a fierce spurt of cum deep inside her. Another, and another, and another blasted at her cervix, demanding entry.

“Yeah! Fuck yeah! Oh, baby! I… gaawwd!

His orgasm had pushed her over the edge, the muscles in her neck became prominent. She came hard, sending her own juice in a cascade to mix with his. She ground her hips against his, craving more of his white seed, clenching and unclenching her muscles tight around his shaft. The pulsating action milked him of his cum. Jeanine fell on top of him.

They lay in a tangled, sweaty mess. Jeanine wanted to stay on top of Raj and cuddle, but she started to feel that gnawing hunger inside. She moved up his body until her hips were right above his head, and lowered herself down.

Raj wasn’t used to eating a woman out, but he guessed from her response he did okay. She moaned a lot as she humped his face. Soon he got the hang of it, and she ground her cunt on him. He had no choice but to lick her little nub until his tongue hurt — and still she wanted more! Raj wondered if he was really that good a lover, or if the potion had something to do with it.

Meanwhile, Jeanine got wetter and wetter. She moaned in frenzied lust as she got what she wanted from Raj’s tongue and lips. That wicked grinding of her cunt on him had soaked his face with her juice. At last she came again, hard, this time squeezing Raj’s head between her thighs as her hips shook. She tried her best to suppress a scream, but the effort took a lot of strength to a cumming woman.

Jeanine rolled off Raj’s face, and went the rest of the way, sliding down to the floor. The room filled with the sounds of panting breath.

“I want more of your cum,” she said in a breathless voice that would make a sleeping man hard.

Raj snorted. “Good luck.”

“Oh, I have ways. Besides, you’re a young man. I bet I can get another load out of you.”

“Yeah? How much you wanna bet?” Raj asked in a sleepy voice.

Jeanine looked him straight in the eye as he lay in a stupor on the table.

“I’ll bet you the rest of that aphrodisiac potion you’ve been working on so secretly.”

“WHAT? You knew?” he almost shouted.

Jeanine burst out laughing.

“I got you!” she teased.

“But — how did you know? How did you get so turned on at the sight of me?”

“Let’s just say that you should keep your private experiments more private,” she winked.

“Yeah, but,” he continued.

“I switched glasses! The old switcheroo trick. I knew that you’d be taking the potion home with you, so I switched places with the glass of potion and my soda. The potion’s still right there. I really did drink my soda!”

Raj sensed he must have looked confused.

“So you faked the potion’s effect?” he asked.

Jeanine nodded, grinning.

“See, you have only a few weeks left here as a contractor. You’re a good-looking guy, Raj. I thought it would be fun to have some fun and send you off with a bang.”

Raj felt all the wind escape from his sails. “Shit, now I’ll never know if the potion works,” he said glumly.

“Not necessarily. How fast do you think you’d be able to create it with two chemists on the project?”


Jeanine smiled and nodded again. “Now, about that bet,” she reminded him.

“You’re on!”

“Stay right there. Don’t move.”

Jeanine walked over to a supply cabinet and brought out a jar of petroleum jelly, which she took back to Raj’s table. Raj got a good look at her well-padded figure as she moved.

Unceremoniously, she leaned over the table and simply breathed on his wilted cock. Raj felt her warm breath blow across his pubic hair and dick, and thought he felt a stirring. Another cool breath, created by blowing air through a small “O” with her lips, grazed his balls. Yes, there was a faint urge. Jeanine put her lips around his cock, slipping him inside. But she avoided touching his cock. She held it there inside, teasing his dick with the warmth of her mouth. Raj felt the stirring more. It brought a slight hard-on.

Jeanine pretended to blow him, still not touching his cock. Up and down her head went as she looked him in the eyes seductively. Did she know she could make him hard without touching him? Up and down. In and out. Raj let out a little moan. His rod began to stiffen. Jeanine giggled as best she could with a cock in her mouth. In a moment she couldn’t help it — his cock had grown to where it filled her mouth and she couldn’t help touching it.

Her hand went between his legs to stroke his balls, coax the cum from him. Jeanine picked up the pace with her mouth, giving him a hard, sloppy blowjob that had her smacking her lips. Soon his hard-on began to subside.

“Oh my god. See, there’s no way,” Raj said in a hopeless tone.

“You leave that to me,” Jeanine replied. “I said I wanted more cum, and I’m gonna fuckin’ get it!”

She opened the jar of petroleum jelly and dipped her fingers in it. Then Raj watched as she did the same with her other hand! One hand wrapped around his shaft, and the other massaged his balls.

“Oh. Ah,” Raj moaned as Jeannine’s double-handed treatment got him where she wanted — hard, thick, and long. The jelly on her hands squished and splished. Raj felt himself taken to the edge. What was more arousing of this encounter was the fact that Jeanine desired him, not that he’d plied her with libido-boosting chemicals. His cock was harder than it had been in some time.

“Yeah! Look at that hard cock! The little drop on the head, all purply,” Jeanine moaned. “Are you gonna give me what I asked for? Are you gonna shoot another load for me?”

A finger from her hand that was on his balls drew down to this ass. Raj felt it penetrate him. Funny, he was the one who came from the land of the Kama Sutra, and here what this white woman introducing him to new pleasures!

Raj moaned hard. Her finger went deeper. The hand stroked faster. He groaned in delirium. Her finger went still deeper, and her hand was like a fucking machine.

“I’m gonna lose it!” he moaned, his body heaving.

“Oh, yeah! Shoot that cum! Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah!”

It seemed to Raj that his cum shot harder than ever. Jeanine was right. She’d won the bet, milked him of all he had. He’d cum all over himself, and Jeanine continued to stroke his cock and ass.

When she’d wrung the last drop from him, she ran her tongue sexily along his cock, balls, groin, and stomach, licking up the cum and swallowing it. She looked down at his spent form.

“ I win. I want to see you at my house a week from Friday.”

Raj knew he’d better start eating healthier food!