Pen name: Joy Louder

“Are you looking for the shy author, or the steampunk vixen?”
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Joy Louder. It was a nom de plume that was memorable, even if it didn’t roll smoothly off the tongue.

Not many people would guess Judy was a published author of erotica. She was a plain looking woman, with average features and short, straight brown hair. But she had a dirty mind, and a knack for knowing what readers wanted. For her, her stories made up for her lack of a regular sex life, along with a few trusty toys.

Judy had an original cover art made into a small poster from her first book, The Billionaire’s Playhouse. It hung in what she called her “office,” but in reality was a corner of her living room.

When her second book, The Billionaire’s Dungeon, became a big seller, she decided to buy a new desk. It was a motorized sit/stand desk.

The day it was to be delivered, two men from the furniture company stood at the doorstep, paperwork in hand.

“Got a desk out in the truck for you, ma’am. Where do you want it?”

Judy looked at them and in her mind answered exactly where she wanted it, but she kept that thought to herself.

She led them to where her old desk sat near the poster of her first book’s cover on the wall. One of the men noticed it, but said nothing. It displayed the title and author and a sexy illustrated painting of a young woman swooning in an older, wealthy man’s arms.

“Joy Louder, eh?” The lead man said. “My ex reads her books. She likes them.”

“Does she? Tell me more,” Judy said.

“I dunno, she just thought it was good, you know. Good stories, good writing.”

“My girlfriend reads her books too. Apparently the author is pretty good, in that genre. Not that I read them.”

“Do you remember any comments they made?” Judy asked.

“Why are you so interested in what they said?” the second guy said.

Judy felt herself in a conundrum, not knowing if she should reveal herself. She guessed it didn’t matter.

“Because I’m Joy Louder.”

The guys looked at her, glanced at each other, and laughed. It pissed Judy off when people couldn’t believe that a plain looking woman like her wrote erotica. Why did everyone assume that erotica writers were hot, and had all the sex they wanted?

“No, really, I am. I’ll prove it to you.”

She flipped through a file cabinet and took out a contract. It had her real name and her DBA/pen name on it. She showed it to them.

“I’ll be damned, Glen, she’s telling the truth!” Luis said.

“That’s pretty cool! We’re delivering a desk to a famous author!”

“Yeah, well, I still need my day job,” Judy admitted.

The men finished unpacking the desk and began to set it up.

“Damn it, we’ll need the toolbox. Come with me to get it, will you Luis?”

“Sure,” Luis said.

After the guys left Judy heard them laughing in the parking lot. She was sure they were laughing at her, the nerd who wrote erotica because she couldn’t get laid. Judy felt self-conscious and embarrassed. Having had enough of this humiliation, she went into her bedroom and closed the door.
The guys returned, trying to restrain their chuckling. She wished she hadn’t told them who she was. Another thought came, to show them up. On the heels of that came the thought, how?

Wait, she thought. Why not dress the part? In her closet was a costume she wore at a party to celebrate her book publishing deal. Her friends were shocked at her getup, but only Jenna, the friend who said she should get published, knew why she chose to wear it.

The costume was a Steampunk Hooker costume. It had a top hat with goggles, a black corset, and a very short skirt. With it she wore mid-calf boots. The outfit accentuated her bust and showed off her legs. Somehow, with Glen and Luis in her apartment, she’d “forgotten” to wear panties or a bra. She looked at herself in the mirror and thought she looked pretty sexy.

“Judy? Hey Judy!” one of the men yelled.

“Where’d she go?” said the other.

“Who’re you looking for, guys?” she asked. She stood at the corner of the hallway and the living room in her costume. One hip was cocked, her hand on it.

“Uh,” said Glen.

“Are you looking for the shy author, or the steampunk vixen?”

“Definitely the steampunk vixen!” Luis said.

“Smart choice,” Judy said, strutting into the living room. “So, it looks you got it up,” she said, gesturing toward the desk. “Pun intended, of course. It looks good, I like it.” She continued walking toward her large coffee table, the heavy old one she’d got from her parents. Judy sat down on it with legs open and knees up. She showed so much leg, that a couple inches higher they’d have seen her pussy. “But can you get it up?”

The two men exchanged blank looks.

“Well? Can you?” she asked, removing her top hat and goggles and tossing them.

“Uh,” Glen began. “I don’t…”

“Oh fuck, come here,” Judy said. “I’ll check you out myself.”

Glen came forward and stood next to the coffee table. He looked at Luis and shrugged. Judy reached out and rubbed his crotch through his jeans. He responded nicely, so she unzipped him and freed his growing cock.

“Damn,” Glen said as she took him inside her mouth. “And I thought this was going to be a dull day.”

“Mm,” Judy grunted with her mouth full. “You still think it’s a dull day?” Soon she had him standing at attention.

“Hell, no.”

“Your turn,” she said to Luis, who came forward for the same treatment.

Judy sat back and studied the results of her work.

“Oh, dear. Now I have two hard cocks here. Whatever shall I do?” she said in a mocking tone. “Oh! I know! We can play a game called ‘Hide the Sausage.’”

The two men looked at each other with quizzical grins on their faces.

“Surely you’ve heard of it. Here’s how you play,” she said as she started to strip. She spoke as if she were telling a couple of children what to do. “You take off your clothes and stand at that end of the table, and you take off your clothes and stand at that end of the table.”

“Now Glen, you stick the sausage between your legs in here,” she said as she lay down and pointed to her mouth. “And Luis, you stick the sausage between your legs in this hairy place between my legs.”

The guys chuckled as they took their places at opposite ends of the table.

She’d broken the ice. But the laughing didn’t last long. She lay on her back across the table. Judy placed her head at the edge of the table, craning her neck, so she could take Glen’s cock in her mouth. Glen moaned as her lips and tongue went to work on him.

On the other side, Luis had lifted and spread her legs. He pumped away in her hot sheath, gasping and exclaiming how tight she was. Judy grunted with each stroke, her large breasts, belly, hips, and thighs jiggling as he pounded her.

Meanwhile, Glen was ecstatic at how her mouth felt around his cock. She wasn’t talented, but what she lacked in skill she made up for in enthusiasm. Judy excitedly mouthed his dick each time he thrust into her. If she’d had more experience, she might’ve known how to take control of the situation. As it was, Glen gave her a good “skull fuck” as he moved in and out of her mouth. In her excitement, she slobbered over his cock like an expensive whore who knew how to end a session fast. The two men plowed their dicks into her as she grunted, moaned, and jiggled.

Glen started to moan as he fucked Judy’s mouth. She moaned in response and sighed around his spit-soaked shaft. The rod inside grew. It lurched, and then a warm shot of cream spurted into her mouth. Judy pulled her face away, letting the remaining shots of sticky cum splash and paint her face.

Excited by this sight, Luis began to grunt and pound her harder. Judy grunted with each stroke, her body jiggling and bouncing. Luis pulled out suddenly and aimed his cock at her belly. He came with a roar, shouting something in Spanish. The hot cum splattered her belly, then dribbled on her pussy as his climax subsided. Aroused again, Glen squeezed the head of his cock, milking the last few drops of cum on her lips. Judy opened her mouth and swallowed it greedily.

The guys were satisfied, but Judy seethed with lust.

“Get me off! Make me cum!” she moaned.

Since Luis was at her pussy, he obliged, and plunged two fingers of one hand into her sopping cunt. It swallowed his fingers. With his other hand he frigged her clit. Judy’s moans turned into stifled screams as she bit her hand to keep from crying out. Her orgasm shot through her like a lightning bolt.

She lay on the table, breathing heavily, her breasts and belly heaving. Glen gave Luis a nod and a grin, then made a writing motion in the air with his finger. Luis gave a thumbs-up, and picked up the delivery order. Glen began to get dressed.

“Hey, uh, ma’am. Can you sign the delivery slip?” Luis asked.

Judy rolled over onto her stomach with difficulty and took the pen and paperwork. She smiled to herself when she read the printed slogan at the bottom: “Satisfaction guaranteed!”

She signed the paperwork and handed it back. Luis and Glen got dressed and the two men headed out the door.

The table was uncomfortable, so Judy didn’t linger. She got up, locked the front door, and headed for the shower. As usual, her dirty mind came up with a plot based on what had just happened.

A high-powered female business executive. Liz was her name. She’d ordered a custom desk for her home office. Yes, that was it. Two strapping young hunks come to her mansion to deliver it. They can’t resist her seductive clutches and powerful feminine wiles.

Judy’s hand strayed between her thighs.

She gives them a tour of her house, only to corner them in her sex dungeon. They remain there for three hours as her willing sex slaves, until Liz has gotten her fill of their hard cocks and hot cum. Two weeks later, Liz has new carpet installed in her parlor. Two more hunks come by to do the job. She continues to have a couple of delivery or repair guys visit her every couple of weeks over the next few months. Mainly it’s to fix a leak in her personal plumbing. Then she finds herself at the center of a scandal.

The shower water rained down on Judy’s body as her thighs clenched in orgasm.

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