Despair and hopelessness.
Despair and hopelessness.
Shari M

Dear Despair & Hopelessness

I would like a word with you two.

My mate Shari M tells me you been holding her hostage?

Now, I don’t like to fight, but you lot got me in a hell fire spin and I’m considering calling in my Fire Flower to knock you two back where you belong.

Shari is sweet and beautiful, she needs time to breathe, and you insist on keeping her this way!?

Yeah, silence huh? Thought so.

Release your grip, Fire Flower doesn’t mess around.

Especially where her girls are concerned.

Your first warning.

K thanks !

X x

P.S if this does not produce a smile, I may have to bring in the big guns, AKA Heath Houston … don’t make me do that.

This dude means business ;)