People Still Shit in Paradise.

Ha! Cheers BHD .

So strange, you dudes ( I’m referring to everyone in US) are hating on summer, I’m here in Australia freezing my bazookers off. Yes I just said bazookers AND dudes — you have made me comfortable enough to write as I would speak in person :)

I personally can’t stand winter ! I become a hermit. Must admit I have written a lot more than usual though.

Re: Utopia I feel you! however, I have to admit I may have naively thought Medium was a writers sort of utopia initially. I soon discovered, similar to life outside medium — life is what you make it.

As such, I’m still stoked to be here among the community, the trolls can’t break my stride !! :)

“aint nothing gonna break my stride, aint nobody gonna slow me down, oh no, I got to keep on moving”

Okay I best add that song, if it’s an aussie only thing, people may think I've lost it ;)

P.S I love me some medium peeps too !!!

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