hello Wild Flower , how are you?

Hello Melisano

My delayed response has been for good reason! been doing my best to research some ideas.

Essentially, it looks like ( along side saving over a long period of time, which has kind of been my route) you have a few options, mostly fundraising based.

Option 1: You look up organizations you’re fond of, and email each one, with your experience, eg — nursing, university ect. Ask them what options could be available in terms of scholarships.

Option 2: You save as much as you can over a long period of time to pay for your flights there and back — usually your volunteering will provide food and accommodation

Option 3: Find a volunteering agency that enables you and helps you fund-raise to to actually pay for your costs to and from your placement

Here is one example:


Option 4: Create your own fundraiser, through “Go Fund Me” — if you do your research, select a program you like, work out how much you need ect, you can launch your own. Heaps of people around the world have achieved goals his way.

Here is the link also:


So, my advice, start researching and see which program your most fond of, why that is important to you, and how you will manage it.

Thanks for providing your ambitions, sounds like you just need to get your plan happening !

Might I suggest you also post it to your own Medium page too? this way people can start to follow you and see what it is your out to do.

All the peace and blesssings to you on this journey ! x

P.S — flattered you reached out, but I have to say I’m no expert, this is all new to me too hun.

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