H. Nemesis Nyx

Hey H. Nemesis Nyx

Thanks for reading that. I have read many of your posts kind of quietly holding back from going nuts on some stuff( by nuts I mean chiming in to let you know I get you in a lot of ways) — I’m sorry I wasn’t ready to admit I felt similarly with some stuff, instead I kind of write poetry and let it out in cryptic ways. That and it was kind of intimidating for me.

I’m sorry, I love that you are so open with how you trigger, it’s inspiring for me, I just kind of sit back and do my usual warrior thing and then it’s spirals and i’m still learning how to cope. I hope you’re okay? x

That anger you related? that was me for so many years — I will try get that part out sometime.. but basically I was so fucking angry as a teenager I quite literally spent my high school years in brawls, men included. Full grown men. Me — fighting men. Eugh — not something I’m proud of at all :(

I don’t really understand the clinical side of what i’m supposed to do with it all? I mean I know I got “shit” to deal with, but as far as working through it. I write, that helps..I have studied various spiritual and meditative practices, which I feel has a been a large part of my healing. I feel okay mostly..just here and there I’m not… I know you get that yeah? seen you write about it…

It means the world to me that you took the time to read that long ass splurge that I look at with complete embarrassment( in terms of how I wrote it).

That track btw? Yep and FUCKING YES. YES. YES. I have just added it to my list :) I get it. I so get it. Thank you …. not crying right now. Definitely not.

*HUG* *HUG* *HUG* — haha yep now I look crazy huh ;)

This is my go to track when I self hate ( that’s my thing, I beat myself up when things get rough) — I’m a lot better now. A LOT BETTER.


P.S How the eff do you dudes add a clip that shows in like window form not link like me?

Yep I said dude, hope that doesn’t offend, if we were face to face and I was comfortable with you, that’s how I would chat to you.

Wow — look at that another chapter huh?

Interesting.. I have been trying to write since yesterday after a funeral.. ( this year just keeps fucking with me) nothing. Like fucking zilch will come to me. Maybe I will try again now….


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